Martha Stewart Cupcake 1st entry

Okay so the pics are a day late i hope thats okay I lost my cord to connect my camera i was freaking out last night trying to find it lol.
This months was zucchini spice cupcakes i didn't know if part of the rules were to try them but i did ewww lol Its not that i made them badly but i hate zucchini and in a cupcake its rather stranger.
I used a simple glaze as opposed to frosting just cause i feel frosting would have been to much. I also made jumbo ones instead of regular sized.
You can barely even see the zucchini inside it which was my idea for tricking myself into liking it lol.
I peeled them then food processed them into mush i figured if i cant see it maybe ill like it lol what can i say I'm a weirdo. I even prettied up this big guy with a little ribbon.
I can't wait till next months pumpkin cupcakes
check out the official blog for the club .

I also sprinkled it with cinnamon on top which actually made it not so bad


  1. A cupcake club, such a sweet idea :) Yours look cute and lovely; sorry you didn't like them. Maybe next month!

  2. Ooooh a garden/tea party? Ok you should TOTALLY collect some vintage tea cups (thrift store?) and plant them with flowers for the table, or favors, or place settings!!!! Also LOVED the pom pom garlands on Once Wed the other day!!!! Hanging outdoors in your colors?!?! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The cupcake looks great! (I dont have the patience to tie ribbons!)

  4. Oh, they are really pretty. I think they would fool me just fine. I bet they are so tasty!!

  5. yum!!! I've GOT to buy martha's cupcake book! ive put it off long enough!

  6. Too bad you didn't like them. You really cannot taste the zucchini. It just makes them moist.

    They look pretty. Love the ribbon

  7. lol ya im pretty sure the whole taste thing is in my head that happens with me and food sometimes

  8. OMG! I had zuccini/chocolate sweet bread at Christmas and it was INSANE!!! LOVE!! AND- My darlin, I've linked to u and ur etsy shop in my last post! LOVE LOVE LOVE ya!

  9. I love the green ribbon and how pretty your cupcakes are, despite it being zucchini. Ha!

    Thanks for baking along with us this month, sweetie! YAY!

  10. That's her AL Green-which she guards with her life, but I have one too! :)
    AND- Screw you, God-for making us like 10 states apart! :)


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