Sexy Breakfast!! Interview

I found this seller on etsy and since im an apron oholic i had to ask her to do an interview for my bloggers!
Her name is Ashley and sells awesome aprons and potholders jewelry and wall art .

Heres the interview

Your shop is so fantastic and unique how did you come with the idea to make and sell these things?
~The story from which most of these items originated may seem silly and juvenile to an outsider, but i still find it quite hilarious and very fitting! It was about a year ago some frinds and I were out to lunch and for whatever reason we began arranging the items on the table to resemble falic-like shapes. We left laughing histerically wondering if the bus boy would notice. A month later I made a falic spread of bacon and eggs pillow for one of the girl's birthday! It was such a huge success that I began exploring more sexual imageries of foods! It's fun and everyone loves sex!

Is this a full time or part time job for you if part time what else do you do for work?
~Oh how I wish this could be full-time, sadly no I have two other jobs. I have a 9 to 5 working in the digital department at a photography studio. I retouch and correct images and get to play on Photoshop all day. I also work at a mostly vegan bath and shower product company called Lush!

So tell us a little more about you where are you from how old are you whats your name ect?
~My name is Ashley Nichole Cartrwight. I'm 24 and I live in Memphis, TN (born and raised). I smoke, I drink, I flirt. When I'm not crafting or working I'm in a burlesque troupe known as The Memphis Belles (

What is your favorite item in your shop?
~The hot dog necklace! They don't get the attention they deserve, hot dogs I mean, they are incredibly sexual. I would never eat one but dang it they're cute! Ha

Do you have any other hobbies or crafts you do?
~I also do a little photography and am pretty computer savvy, I put together the page listed above ;)! I am currently learning to build my own bike and hope to have more recycled and upcycled items to sell soon!

If you could pick 3 people dead or alive to have dinner with who would you pick and why?
~Nikola Tesla one of my favorite inventors, Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein, and Zoey Dechanel I just really like her right now (she is my girl crush of the moment)!

This is the very pretty miss ashley

and this awesome pillow with her friend she made it for

Ashley you are my hero lol I love burlesque i love what your doing on etsy as well people check out her etsy page and pick up some of her fun and sexy stuff!

Ps you should make some cupcake aprons i think they would sell very well these days!


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