Whats in your bag?

So I'm going to start a little tagged game myself this ones going to be called whats in your bag???
I'm going to tag 5 other bloggers and if you decide to do so you have to make a post of whats in your bag dump out your purse take a picture and tell us a little bit then tag five other bloggers!
I'll start by sharing whats in my bag .
So my bag sunglasses keys with my 3 favorite key chains carrot top felix and my London key chain i won at the arcade in london. Owl post its I'm always writing things down passport i know its weird but i don't have a drivers license long story dont worry its not a dui lol. Wallet /wristlet i really need a regular wallet but i cant find one i like. These awesome breath mints that i pretty much just eat as candy cause theres like no calories in them great dieting tip lol.
Lighters i always have like 5 in my bag and yes ciggarettes i know its bad but hey at least they are pink lol. A little baggy of spiders for hair clips my awesome locket and trusty hair pin from Oh Hello Friend (ohhellofriend.etsy.com). Oh and my trusty 90s cd for long car adventures and makeup fluff brush.
Okay now i pick my victims !!
I'm Tagging:
Penny Lane
Kirei Girl Madrid
Mini Baker
Strumpets and Crumpets
Le Proust Vintage


  1. I DID mine!!!!
    What mints r those!!?!!
    And- the Pink camels r the ones my bestie smokes when she does smoke(she's trying to stop). BUT-Fun fact: I was on a road trip with her and she found out that those cigs are like a buck 50 in Mississippi!!
    Oh! and I love ur key chains! :)

  2. :) I will do mine this evening lol mine purse is a mess!


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