Apple Fest Tomorrow

So tomorrow is Warwick NY''s Apple Festival ,i used to live really close to the border of NY state and used to go all the time. This year i decided i was going to take a drive up there with my friends and enter their apple pie contest.
I made apple pie with a walnut crumb topping drizzled with caramel i decided to go with a different approach to the classic apple pie.
I also made five mini pies for my friends so they can have some to take home.
On their crappy website they really don't have any rules for it so I'm not really sure how everything works and even more important what the prize is lol.
Honestly though winning would be good enough but hey money or free items are more than okay with me. I was up night making pies i hope they turned good I'm not a fan of apple pie so i have no idea what they taste like lol.
I'll make sure to take lots of pics its a really cute set up they close half the town down for it so hopefully it will be fun .

On another note i was driving through the town next to my moms today and noticed something i never did before. There are all these beautiful old houses apartments and buildings. The reason i never noticed was they are now the run down low income side of town. It really had me thinking how sad that was how much potential this place had to be beautiful with some hard work.
I saw that alot in London not in the main part where all the nice places are but the outskirts all these beautiful townhouses and old buildings just run down i would give anything for one of those old townhouses to restore it to its glory .
It would be such a fun project to do and at the end you would have something amazing and something you did yourself.
I love old houses so much ,as much as i would love to build a great big new house one day i would much rather find a great big fixer upper and make it a beautiful home again. Thankfully my boyfriend can actually fix and build things unlike most of my exes who couldn't find their way out of a cardboard box.
That combined with my ability to make something out of nothing and decorate everything in site would make a great house one day.
Good Night everybody have a great Sunday and wish me luck


  1. They'd better give u first place!! But don't worry-If the pie doesn't get high marks in evening gown, it will for sure take the Bathing suit round!! :)

    An Apple Festival sounds awesome! We're having a Rice Harvest Festival here this weekend. Fun, but rice just isn't cool. :)

    Ya know-My sis is a little obsessed with ur ETSY site now! Like the last question I asked u about licensing, she keeps coming up with things! She's like, "We should close in the garage and make it a bake area. Does Amanda pay to use that commercial kitchen?!"
    I'm like, "I dunno! I don't audit her!" :)
    It's cute-My sis has a learning disability, and gets excited about baking. She likes ur halloween cookies most!

  2. OH! And-I'll for sure send u a copy of my book if I get published! My query letters for my first book are out at agents right now, and the one I REALLY want asked for more pages-which is good, so keep ur fingers crossed for me! I'm SO nervous!! It's like an 80% chance I'll be turned down, but it's still exciting! :)


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