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I'm about to launch the redo of my official website the design is ready i just need to install it. With that said I'm also sending out my first set of postcard coupons and starting up a mailing list to sign up for .
In honor of this there will also be a cupcake giveaway a dozen cupcakes everyone who signs up is automatically entered to win.
When you sign up you will get coupons ,specials ,extra giveaways and surprise free gifts . I also am a big advocate of what we call snail mail these days so the seasonal coupons will be actual postcards you will get in the mail .
Here's a sample of the Halloween coupon post card
So everybody that signs up soon will get one of these in the mail and be entered for the free cupcakes as well.
All you have to do to enter is send an email to with your name and address if you prefer to only get email coupons that's fine to just write that in the email.
I'll be picking the winner of the cupcakes in November.

I just wanted to mention where i got these postcards made because i talked with allot of sellers and finally found someone to make the perfect ones for me i absolutely love them .
I found them from a seller on etsy .

I quoted this from our convo about her shop

"Well, my shop is really two parts. Photography & Stationary.
That is our business. My husband (who also works a full time job) is a free lance award-winning photographer. I am a graphics designer and "the stationary lady". Most of the images used in my work are his photographs or my designs with few exceptions"

They have a great shop for invites and stationary you should check them out if your in the market and shes such a talented designer and sweetheart to work with.
Look at this cute monkey invite from the shop its so cute and i don't even like monkeys lol .


  1. Eeeeeeeeee! So exciting! I can't wait to see your new site and sign up. You already have such a lovely layout, it will be exciting to see what you come up with next.



  2. Your blog page is so the colors...and that header is just seem to be doing some interesting stuff with your marketing...if only I lived in USA....


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