Create Your Own Cupcake Contest!!!

Create your own cupcake contest!

I thought it would be really fun to have a contest a create your own cupcake contest.
The winner will receive a dozen of their cupcakes and get to pick the name of them and they will be added to my shop and flavor list.
Heres how this will work all you have to do is give me a flavor combo you would love to have and then a creative name you would call them.
You don't need to give me a recipe i will create one just for your cupcakes and also post it so everyone can try it at home.
Just leave a comment with your idea ,name for it and email so i can contact you.
Anybody who wants to tweet or blog this will receive a coupon for my shop so make sure to let me know if you do!
So lets here your ideas!


  1. Hmm. I'm sure these have been made before somewhere, but I've never heard of it. Andee's cupcakes. Chocolate and mint. Oo maybe some raspberry thrown in the middle for good measure.

    I want to suggest Andee's Berries as a name. Maybe Andee Berry Cupcakes. Or Chocolaty Minty Raspberry Goodness Cupcakes.

    Love your blog!

  2. hmm... well, it's not a totally original idea since I had an ice cream flavoured like this, but I think a dark chocolate batter with strawberry/basil/mint icing would be interesting! I have no idea what to call them though...

  3. Vanilla with caramel and fudge swirls, with bits of chewy caramel inside, topped with a dollop of creme/icing (vanilla or chocolate) and powdered sugar of any color, or cocoa powder.

    Title: Divinities.
    spektorish @ gmail . com

    (Can't wait to see what others come up with!)

  4. my favourite combo is chocolate and pineapple, sounds strange? try and see!

    how about a chocolate cupcake with pineapple jam filling and chocolate butter cream frosting or ganache on top!

    Name: Pineapple Choc!

  5. Just wanted to let you know I added you to my blog roll! Kori xoxo

  6. Do I still qualify for this if I've gotten awesome stuff from u in the last week?! I hope so!! cuz ALL I can think of is having some chocolate mint cupcakes! I'd call them 'Peppermint Patty Redux' after the Peppermint Patty character in 'Peanuts'!!!

  7. What about using angel food cake to make cupcakes? Can you do that? It would be a guilt-free cupcake. Though I would love for it to have vanilla icing so that might add a little guilt! As for a name, Frosted Angel? Not too good but I am not that creative, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will win!

    katie{at}starttofinish dot com

  8. What about using angel food cake to make cupcakes? Can you do that? It would be a guilt-free cupcake. Though I would love for it to have vanilla icing so that might add a little guilt! As for a name, Frosted Angel? Not too good but I am not that creative, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will win!

    katie{at}starttofinish dot com

  9. I would love some plum cupcakes with chai frosting. Maybe they could be called enlightenment cupcakes.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  10. Hazelnut and kiwi fruit. The sweet/bitterness of the kiwi will offset the nutty flavor of the hazelnuts.

    I'd call it KiNut Treats.

  11. I would like to have a chocolate swirl cupcake with raspberry icing, spattered with muddy looking chocolate and almond bits. I would call it "Mudd Razzling."

    pattyzion at hotmail dot com

  12. How about Strawberries & Champagne. A champagne based cupcake with strawberry buttercream...topped with a fresh strawberry of course..or a fondant made one..

  13. One of my favorite things about fall and winter is drinking Mexican hot chocolate. There are a few ways you could turn this into a cupcake. Dark chocolate cake with cinnamon buttercream with just a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. Or you could add the cinnamon and cayenne to the dark chocolate cake and make a chocolate and cinnamon buttercream.
    You could call them Xocolatl which is the traditional Aztec name for hot chocolate.

  14. I'm hungry after reading all the cupcake ideas. My idea is to make a cupcake that tastes like tiramisu. Maybe the cake part is partially dipped in espresso and then a creamy really light frosting dusted with chocolate? You could call it a Cupamisucake. hehe... I Hope I win! I need a cupcake now!!!

  15. How fun!

    How about white cake cupcakes filled with a dollop of strawberry jam topped with peanut butter frosting and crushed peanuts. PB&J redux, of course!

    Or, a seasonal gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with a sprinkle of crystalized ginger. Call 'em GingerBites!

    Lovely and mouthwatering shop!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I would love peanutbutter cupcakes with honey buttercream icing called My Honey Love Them.

  17. This post doesn't count. Just wanted to let you know I posted your giveaway on JDaniel4's Mom.

  18. lemon bombs--lemon cupcakes filled with lemon custard, with cream cheese icing. or maybe white chocolate icing? and a sprinkle of lemon zest on top to make them extra pretty. or maybe bits of candied lemon peel.

    j_bdules at hotmail dot com

  19. I would like to suggest some cupcakes called Dark and Pure. The cake would be made with dark chocolate, a really rich, almost bitter cake. Then the frosting would be chocolate ganache topped with roasted almonds and sea salt garnish.

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  20. Drat, someone had my Hot Hot Chocolate cupcake idea!;) How about Texas Pecan Pie cupcakes? Pecans, brown sugar, vanilla and vanilla..mmm!:D


    who loves your blog title image.:)

  21. Such a Yummy idea :) How Fun! How about an orange flavored cupcake with bits of Manadarin oranges in them. Topped with dark chocolate frosting. You could call them Orange Truffle Cakes!
    ok, now I have to go and bake something :)

  22. Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. (I had to do something fitting for the season!) These sound SO yummy...please, please, please pick them because I really want to try these!

    For a name I'm thinking The Jack O Lantern, Pumpkin Head...something along those lines!

  23. Suggestion:

    Cannoli Cupcake:
    Rich Vanilla Cupcake with chocolate chips and cannoli cream frosting.

    Or vanllia cupcake with bits of soft strawberries. Cannoli Cream and Chocolate Chip Frosting

  24. Oops let me add:

    Garnish with a shaved chocolate swirl or a mini chocolate kiss.

  25. okay here is my idea: an apple cake flavor, with cream cheese frosting toped with a drizzle of carmel and maybe some toffee bits
    not sure on a name yet!

  26. I would create a dark chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate chips and topped with an orange flavored frosting. I would call it "Midnight Sun".

  27. Almond cupcake with apricot filling and White chocolate buttercream (inspired by my favorite petit fours) and I would call them Sweet Petit's

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  28. I'd love a hazelnut cupcake with caramel icing. rebolsen at gmail dot com

  29. Key Lime Delight - a chartreuse cupcake with a cream cheese frosting.

  30. "Chocolate Peanut Butter takes on Cookies N Cream and Everyone wins" - chocolate cake with chunks of oreo topped with peanut butter frosting and a light sprinkle of crushed oreos (or a quartered oreo stuck into the frosting like a flag!) Mmm...must find one of these cupcakes now!

    krherning at yahoo dot com

  31. Nutella Cupcake with Nutella Cream Cheese frosting.

    The name for the cupcake should be:
    Nutellin me the Truth Cupcake

    CherryBlossomsDesign AT hotmail

  32. "I always knew swirlies would be a good thing one day!"
    Cupcake: chocolate with a sweet cream cheese filling
    Icing: cream cheese icing with peppermint swirls

    abigail.lee {at}

  33. "Its 5 o'clock Somewhere..."
    The margarita cupcake!

    OK, so I don't know how this would work, but I'd buy it. The cupcake flavor should be coconut lime with a nice frosting. On the frosting it should be sugar sprinkles ( to imitate ice of course), with a lime made of fondant and maybe a mini bendy straw, if they make them.

    For the record: I m not a huge Buffett fan, but I am a huge margarita fan.

  34. How about a Snickers cupcake? Chocolate w/caramel in center, almonds & ganache topping w/a thin line of white drizzled into a cool design?... Dream Muffin (dreamy?)!

    Or a Creme Brulee' flavor? The all white or cream cupcake! The crunchy topping on brulee can be crunchy & sprinkled on top of cupcake! Oooo---- I like!...
    Le Creme De'light


  35. I would love some snickerdoodle cupcakes. The cookies are so good. If not that, then cookie dough flavored cupcakes!

  36. I would love to have a combination of dark chocolate and mint flavors... yumm! I think I would call it... mint cocoa cupcakes

    mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

  37. What about a gingerbread (man) cupcake with cream cheese frosting and something about "Catch them if you can" for advertising them?

  38. Hmm..

    I love carrot cake & I love chocolate.

    A combination of the two?

    I would call it... "Chocarrot" LOL!

    I'm so uncreative.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  39. Oooh, how about a milk chocolate & peppermint cupcake? That sounds yummy =)
    Hot Cocoa Mint cupcakes?
    pinkdandyshop at yahoo dot com

  40. hmmm... i would love fluffernutter cupcakes--peanut butter cupcakes with marshmallow frosting and peanut brittle in chunks on top!

    kahlua cupcakes would also be great--maybe cake and icing both kahlua-y or maybe called white russian with the cake a creamy rich white and the icing more concentratedly liquor-y.

    or...and this is really weird...sweet and sour cupcakes: somehow incorporating sweet and sour sauce (love!) into the icing and cake, maybe with mint leaves in the icing. i guess i'd call them sweet and sour, or pucker up! or mim's a weirdo...

  41. omg. cupcakes. ahh! yummy!

    hmm.. maybe a peanut butter-flavored cupcake with dark chocolate frosting and shavings of dark chocolate on top? and we could call it.. ominous dreamland.. =P


    a green tea cupcake with a light butter cream and some pecans on top? and we could call it.. afternoon delight?

    dang, names are so hard to make up!

    great giveaway! i LOVE cupcakes!



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