Cupcake Goodies Part 1

I received these adorable cupcake Dishtowel in the mail the other day from Spool of plenty on etsy. This is so adorable and my favorite color green!
She has a great shop full of lots of baby bibs pin cushions and lots of other goodies check out this adorable baby bib with a cupcake !
She welcomes custom orders as well you should check it out kittens esp those with baby kittens at home.

Now those of you looking for some thank you notes or invites tags and cards i got this great card in the mail from rh4mu on etsy.
I love this card its so adorable and she has lots of cards and tags perfect for any occasion

I love these Halloween tags i love Halloween!


  1. Thanks so much for this feature on my items!

  2. I love the spider tags!!! They're so whimsical!!! I'll go check out more of her stuff!!! :)


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