Early Giveaway Winner and apple update

I decided to end the crotchet bee set giveaway early i recently had some offers for more giveaways for this month and i didn't wanna overwhelm and clutter you guys with so many and we got alot of entries. First i wanna thank Alix for being part of our giveaway and donating the bees up for the win. I literally wrote down all the name and put them in a hat . I wanted to take a picture to show you all the winners name but i accidentally deleted the feature on my computer that re sizes my pictures so it would take up the whole screen without resizing it lol.

But without anything further our
I'll be sending you an email shortly .

Apple Fest Update!
Apple fest was a bust! we live about an hour away and we left and hour and a half early to make it there for judging there was a row of cars five miles long and when we finally parked and got to the booth it was to late to enter .
I was pretty upset since i was up all night baking pies.
We still went to some other farms and stores and had a mini adventure i got pics of that and the pie ill upload sometime this week when i re download paint for my computer lol.
I did decide I'm going to start entering contests and bake offs in NJ and NY if anybody know of any let me know!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, I bet you would have done great. Excited to see your pics. There is always next time :)

  2. Did I enter this and not win?! ...shit!


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