Free truffles

The lovely blogger JDaniels4's Mom is hosting a giveaway of my truffles on her blog i figured id give you guys a heads up to go enter as well.
It ends oct 14th so enter now

So yesterday my lovely blogger friend sent me the cutest hello from her beautiful kitty jasmine i wanted to share.
Shes so pretty my old kitty and her kitty should make babies they would be beautiful and sell more thousands of dollars lol


  1. JASMINE is a STAR!! I hope she doesn't turn into more a diva than she already is!!

    AND---HELLS YES!!! Giveaway from ur shop sounds AMAZING!!! I've never done it tho...u know how to set it up?!

  2. I love checking out wedding blogs too! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for some iTunes gift cards. Check it out and feel free to spread the word. Have a great weekend!


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