Halloween Donuts and things to check out

I made some homemade donuts the othe day it was super fun!
Also really easy i liked decorating the best

Sorry for the messy pics donuts are messy to make

Other things to check out !
Head over to the most beautiful and inspirational blog ever Frenchie and Flea one of the girls of the blog one my cookie giveaway which she will be getting very soon i just got all the pretty stuff to package them with. They are having a giveaway for a shop makeover i just entered it would we be so fantastic they have a beautiful shop and blog layout.
My favorite blogger friend Penny Lane is having a giveaway of my cupcakes cookies on her blog check it out and go enter if you want some!


  1. Your donuts look great! Good job! Donuts are high on my list of baking "to do's" -- you have definitely inspired me. Love the green frosting :)

  2. YAY!!
    So- My mom was just looking over my shoulder and said for me to tell u that u need to come to Houston and open ur bake shop! She's from New Orleans and I think the donuts reminded her of Cafe Du Monde beignets! :)
    I like the colors!!! :)


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