Halloween Goodies

My dads birthday is oct 28th and like me he loves halloween so i had my favorite clay maker on etsy make a halloween fishing themed item for him it came out so amazing i could't stop looking at the amazing details on them they are so cute .
And she even set me the witch hat and mummy buttons for free I'm so excited to give this to my dad and wear the buttons myself .
You can find her on etsy she does custom work


  1. SOOOO CUTE!!! If ur dad is an October-He and I could for sure get along!! :)
    AND- Be SURE to tell him he's in the "AWESOME OCTOBER BIRTHDAY MONTH CLUB" with a select few of the kewlest kittles around! :)

    I love pumpkins!!!!!

  2. omg! the gone fishing one is sooo cute!
    -Mini Baker

  3. what a sweet and thoughtful gift :)


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