Halloween In Philly

Happy Halloween Everybody!
Its technically Halloween so I'm doing my post now because I'll be in Philadelphia all day tomorrow I'm catering cupcakes to a Halloween wedding there , I was really excited to make these since they are right up my alley. I used fondant toppers and liquid luster dust and stamped the toppers in owls spiders bats and cats. The trial run went great i used the green i already had and ordered the black for the wedding well the black didn't work the same so today i spent 4 hours hand painting in the stamp outlines for the toppers lol.
Another reason I'm really excited is after i deliver them I'm going to the mutter museum of medical science which i have wanted to go to for years .
They house all these crazy medical oddities and other interesting items perfect for Halloween.
After that my mom who's accompanying me on this trip wants to try the cheese steak place she saw on the food network so that should be interesting lol.
I'll be taking lots of pics of the cupcakes and wedding and the museum .
Hope everybody has a great Halloween!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the pics! Good luck girl! Have a great Halloween! Kori xoxo

  2. OMG!!! You went there!? I've wanted to go for soo long! Was it great!? There's skulls from all over the world to show different evolution! I'd be in learning heaven! lol


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