Island of the Orca

Have you ever heard of a place or have seen a place and although you have never been there you some how know you have fallen in love with it.
London was the first time that happened to me and it was confirmed when i moved there but my new pick is a place called Orca Island its off the coast of Washington state i haven't been there yet but im thinking of dragging my friends to go next summer.
Immediately i knew i was going to love this place even before i saw pics i heard the name and something clicked and i started googling . I wanna move there to a big pretty house on a mountain and open up a cute little cupcake shop in the center of town . Even better i wanna get married there its so beautiful i found a pic from their wedding site 2 it would be just what i want a small elegant beautiful ceremony with the mountains in the background.
Here are some pics so you can fall in love as well

did i mention it named orcas island for a reason lol

I won't be around this weekend ill be driving around NJ and pa so sadly no posts this weekend but i hope everybody enjoys their weekend !
For now on this cold dreary day ill be day dreaming of being in Orcas Island lol


  1. Glad I found you via the uber-awesome Penny Lane. I came over here to enter the cupcake giveaway, but I'm just glad I found you!

  2. Hi, Thanks for coming to my party, Happy Halloween to you and thanks for the great giveaway!
    I got the glass on a recent trip!

  3. wow!! that looks beautiful!!! hope you had a good weekend :)
    I check the mailbox every day... I'm so anxious for my gift! hehe
    -Mini Baker

  4. !!! Amanda!!! Orcas are scary!!! They're like smart sharks!!! Whenever I go to Sea World, I expect Shamu to just swallow one of the 2nd graders they let sit on him for pics!! If u get married on Orca Island, I'm not going near the water! Only the pool! I will not be eaten by Shamu! :)
    ...It is pretty tho!!


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