Its a beautiful day out for shoe shopping

I woke up this morning feeling kinda not so happy then i watched this movie The women a remake of a 1939 movie it had Annette Benning Meg Ryan and Debra messing i didn't know what it was till i was watching it a typical chick flick but it actually was pretty good and put me in a slightly better mood. I need a shopping day today i decided i have not bought clothes or shoes for myself in way to long and i have been dying to by these since i saw them a few months ago they are the perfect black pumps so i printed a coupon for Macy's and I'm heading there later today i think ill buy some new underwear 2 that always makes me feel better.
These are the nine west rocha pumps above i love them classic simple and sexy.
Here are some other shoes id love to own but cant afford some Manolo and Christian Louboutin.

Now we have the boot dilemma i really really want boots but i can't find any that i like they are either to tall to manly or if i love them to expensive.
I'm 5'9 so all these 5 inch boots are not okay and most flat ones are to manly and ugly the flat ones i do like,like these for example are $450 which i can't afford lol.

I found these below at Victoria secret for $125 but i don't love them and i really can't buy shoes if i don't love them lol
So its a beautiful day out and i have off so I'm going to go to some well deserved shopping!


  1. Wow, great collection of shoes, I'm salivating! Those red and black pumps are to die for, but I love the ones you chose too, they're classic. I've been trying to find a nice pair of boots too - but the image in my head is so specific it's hard to find a real pair that match my vision! Have fun shopping!

  2. The blue ones are SO ME!! I want!!
    -and the boot with buttons are INSANE!! I need money!
    Shopping and road trips with my BFF are what I do when going thru crap! U just gotta run away from all ur problems and refuse to face them! :)


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