Jeans To Splurge or not to????

I love anthropologie jeans but unless on sale i don't normally wanna spend the money on them.
These look perfect but they are $169 so the question is should i splurge and invest in them?
I need your opinions are a good pair of jeans worth that much ??
Anybody know if the jeans there are good?


  1. It looks so fab! If it were me, I would wait til the sale season comes (usually around xmas, if they have any). That's what I'd usually do :-) Then again, I come from country with much lower currency, so $169 seems like really really reaaally high for jeans (I buy Spanish brands like Zara/MNG for about $40), but it might be somewhat reasonable price for someone else.

    Don't listen to me though - if you really love it, go for it! I've heard good stuffs not about the jeans per se, but the brand.

  2. I'm not a clothes splurger lol but those are awful pretty. Do they make your butt look extra cute? That's my way of buying jeans :)

  3. Hi, I would definitely say a big fat yes. It is always worth splurging on items that you will wear again and again, like a great fitting pair of jeans. If they fit great and look great each time you wear them, then mission accomplished, moeny well spent.

  4. You're asking the wrong girl hun...I spend so much money on a good pair of jeans...I wear them all the time, so if they look amazing, I feel they are worth the investment. I don't know about that brand, but Anthropology is always a little overpriced. Think about the amount of times you will wear them and think about cost per wear! Kori xoxo

  5. I don't know if those are good or not, but I don't think a good pair of jeans is worth $169.

    Maybe they'll have an awesome sale for Christmas!

  6. I recently found great jeans at american eagle outfitters for $40. They look great. So not necessary to spen so much money on jeans. That's just my opinion. I'd say keep looking and don't buy those until they go on sale.

  7. I normally spend about $40-50 so im a little hesitant i wish i could go to american eagle but the legs are always really big on me since i have more slender legs lol the gap is the same way and becky i would need jeans with butt implants in them to make my butt look cute i have no ass at all just goes back then legs lol


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