Kid Say the greatest sh$t!

Morning kittens !
I woke up this morning to find this on my doorstep of my studio
I won a copy of Matthew Mead's Halloween book for this year from they have great baking decorating stuff they pick a winner everyday i was so excited i really wanted this , i have to say half the book disappointed me its basically drawing faces on everything you can lol the rest of the book is good more towards the back.
Also speaking of Halloween i might not be doing anything since I'm catering a wedding on Halloween but if i do I'll be going as little red riding hood I'm thinking of getting a dress like this .
Okay now to the post title My mom was talking to her friend at work and she has a 5 year old son Seth(love that name). She was telling her they were in the doctors office and he started talking to this guy in there and he said to him whats your name so he said Seth the guy goes Jeff?
So Seth turns to him and says no its Seth S E T H okay lets spell it out say it with me SETH!
I wish i would have been there for that hes only 5 he might be my favorite kid ever lol.

This morning i shipped out my care package for this months surprise winner i pick one of my bloggers every month to send something special to so today ill be picking next months follower to get a care package so check your inbox it might just be you .

So tell me what everybody going to be for Halloween this year??


  1. oh my gosh im in love with your blog! Its beautiful and so fun. I need to get that book you won! Looks like a great book!
    If you would like come check out my site for a giveaway:

  2. My family's dressing up as vampires! Should be interesting!

    I think Seth is awesome :) S E T H lolol

    I have last years Matthew Mead's book and I love it!

  3. I will be a "ghostbuster"-it's not the "real" costume-it's a slutified version, but I like it!!! Who You Gonna Call?! HAHA!!!
    And- A Halloween wedding?! That's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!


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