Meet Fancy! Need your help

Hi kittens !
I'm so very excited for you to meet my new logo and face of The Fancy Lady Gourmet modeled after me shes the cartoon version for my logo.
I have 2 versions one with brown hair and one with purple like my hair used to be and will soon be again so i want all my kittens to help me pick one.
Purple? or


  1. I would go with the purple because it is a little brighter.

  2. I just love them hard to pick!

  3. I like the brown one. Unless you want the image to have a little edge to it.

  4. PURPLE! It's so 'Bake and Destroy' or 'Johnny Cupcakes'!! U just have to ask urself-WHat would Gwen Stefani do?!
    She's ALWAYS go with the rock and roll colored hair!!
    Words to live by!


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