Need Help! cupcake ideas

A few weeks ago i entered the ny cake convention this year they have a cupcake compettion ill be doing the stuffed cupcakes its in January so i have time but i like to plan ahead.
I'm stumped as to which of my cupcakes to make i don't know if i should go with classic favorite flavors or do something more exotic anybody have any opinions what kind of stuffed cupcake would you wanna try??
Thats the website if you wanna check it out and if you wanna stop by let me know ill bring you a cupcake!


  1. What are the options? Without knowing which flavours I guess I would say exotic - like how all these weird goji fruits and pomegranates and stuff are 'trendy' now. It could be fun!

  2. Your cupcake creations look so delicious. I wish that I could try em out :)

  3. im thinking chocolate brownie peanut butter or something more exotic maybe something with mango

  4. Ooh I love mango!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! My shop is at :o)

  5. I really can't think of any ideas, you always have such unique cupcake/baking ideas. Good luck with the convention.

  6. I've heard from a couple of local bakeries that Red Velvet is the most popular, but if it's a contest-you should do something innovative I think! Like- The "Fluffernutter" at that bakery in Brooklyn that just closed...I can't remember the name of it--they closed cuz they are just gonna do shipping orders exclusively...


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