NY Cake Convention

I'm a really big beilever in signs and fate and things of that nature.
Case and point when i decided to apply to go to school for fashion in london i had always wanted to but was afraid i would never get in . I had got into a huge fight with my moms douche bag boyfriend (now ex) about how i wasn't doing anything with my life ,that same day i got a random email from the london college of fashion i took a chance applied and got in. Although money issues led me to leave early london was the best time of my life and changed me in a good way.
Today i randomly got an email about the NY Cake convention and just the other day i was saying how i wanted to start entering competions and this year they have cupcakes! So i entered the filled cupcake competition i really think the email was a sort of sign and now I'm really excited so now all i do is have to think of the most amazing recipe to enter with this will be the hard part lol.
Thats the website if anyone in the area wants or enter or go its only $10 general admission for 2 days . Jan 2-5th .
Anybody who is going to go let me know id love to meet up with you or say hi so if you go let me know .
Now its brainstorming time!

I kinda wanted to add something a little off topic of this post.
Don't let anybody make you feel bad for being who you are or change who you are. Sometimes its hard to love yourself but you should try you never know there might be someone else who enjoys the weird or quirky things about you.
In the words of Coco Chanel
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"


  1. I believe in signs too!!
    You need to enter the Pillsbury Bake Off too! I saw that on tv and thought of u! U win like a million dollars if you win!!


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