Old Italian Cookies

So im half Italian but i grew up around all my Italian family so there were lots of Italian cookies .
My aunt Millie her real name Carmella (they changed her and my grandmas name when they went to school the teachers did because their names were to Italian sounding lol) she used to make Pizzelles they are a thin cookie made with a press they were so good .
After she died a few years ago i never had one again i saw them in some markets but they just didn't look good.
Then the other week i found a seller on etsy who sent me some to try.
I was so excited i haven't had these in years i got them in the mail and immediately tried one and when i saw my mom later on i gave her one to. They were so good i added some powdered sugar because that's the way i always had them.
La Prima Dolce Vita on etsy is where i got makes them in classic vanilla ,chocolate,spicy chocolate ,pumpkin and a few others . She also has sesame cookies which are my favorite I'm going to place an order for those very soon check her shop out on etsy.

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  1. i love, love these cookies. my grandparents were stationed in italy when my mom was small and my gramie brought back a pizelle maker and we do them during the holiday. so pretty. so damn tasty!

  2. mmmmmm....I grew up on pizzelles! When I was young I thought they were called fittzelles, so I call them this up until a few years ago, when a family member finally corrected me!!! :)

  3. These are probably the easiest cookies to make! My mom has a press but we haven't used it in years. Maybe we should take it out and make them again. We used to make anise flavored, vanilla flavored and chocolate. You can also bend them when their hot and make a sort of cone bowl for ice cream.

  4. mmmmmmmmmmm :) my grandmother used to make these all the time.. i lvoe a good pizelle

  5. I've never even seen one of those!! But- I think Italian people may tend to stay in the North East-right?! I've just never met anyone down here who was Italian-they're probably too smart to move down here and deal with the oppressive humidity! :)


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