Secret Comic Book Dork

Yes I'm talking about me lol, something not alot of people know about me is my secret love for comic books. It didn't start when i was little either i think it was toward the end of high school.
I was the typical barbie kinda little girl ,although i did watch the old bat man show and cartoon and xmen but i always wanted to get more into comics which didn't happen till later .
Anyhow I'm still no huge buff i know some stuff but I'm not super obsessed,Ive been dying to go to comicon for the last few years but sadly nobody will go with me .
My favorite comics are Batman (although i prefer marvel over dc) and tank girl.
I also prefer the villains in comics lol my favorite batman villain Harley Quin shes one hot comic.
As far as the movies go the first 2 Batman's are the best in my opinion .
I HATE the new Batman's with a passion and i refuse to see dark knight or any other new Batman's unless they change batman because i despise Christian Bale.
Theres a batman marathon on this week ill be watching that lol.
So am i alone anybody else like comics and who's your favorite villain of all time??


  1. I am a comic book movie geek. I love the first two batman's too. I really like the new video game that came out on xbox.

  2. I actually really enjoyed the Dark Knight... but I like Christian Bale. Heath Ledger was AMAZING as the joker... I was never into comics as a kid, but now that they're remaking all of the comics into movies, I'm getting into them more!!

  3. This blog is gorgeous and, therefore, I've selected it to receive some Blog Bling. Stop by my place to pick it up. ;-)

  4.'s 5:35 AM! and I never fell asleep. I've laid here for hours!!! WTF?!!!
    Anywho- First- I'm so excited I won the giveaway! I LOVE giveaways now! They're like blog swag!
    My Dad collects comics, and he's so hilarious with it! He didn't do it until recently-and didn't tell anyone he was going to start, so when he kept getting little boxes in the mail, I was like-"Are you dealing in small car parts?!" It was funny!
    My fav villan is catwoman-tho I dunno if she was actually in the comics-was she?! AND- I HATED Michelle Pfeiffer as her in one of the movies-OR Halle Berry! BOTH sucked-BOTH looked lame in the costume.

    I kind of like Christian Bale cuz he is suck an ass hole. He's unapologetic, and I can respect someone willing to be authentic...He teeters on the line for me tho-He's only flipped out on adults before, but if he ever has a hissy fit with a kid involved, he's gonna be on my hate list. Other members of that list are: Kanye, Yoko Ono, Carrot top, Paula Deen, Nora Roberts, and Stephanie Meyer.


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