Sunken Garden Beads

I got this beautiful necklace in the mail the other day from sunken garden beads on etsy. I used my friend Megan as my model .
Erin the owner has a great shop full of beautiful jewelry and great photography of
them as well.

Her earrings are so pretty they make me wanna go out and get mine pierced just so i can wear them lol

30% of her profits go to support the library at College Avenue Baptist Church to help support and provide new books .

You can find her on

Facebook ~

Twitter ~

Blog ~

You can buy her stuff on etsy


  1. Angie Ledbetter and I have been putting up links to blog community artisans and artists--not sure if she's listed there, but you can leave the link(s) (or she can) in our comments section or email us! We'll be putting up the links at least 2x more before Christmas. or I could remember to come back here and left the links....


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