A Very Etsy Christmas and secret santa swap

This year i had the idea to do a series called a very etsy Christmas this means I will be buying all my Christmas presents this year on etsy.
Its kinda like a challenge for me to only buy from etsy.
I really do love buying from there i can find alot more special and unique things that i can't find at the mall.
This year my list consists of my 3 best friends ,my best friends little girl,my boyfriend ,mom,dad,and a special surprise for one of my followers .
I started today, i wanna have all my shopping done by the end of the 1st week in November because December will be hectic when you sell cookies and cupcakes December is a crazy time lol.
Another idea i had is doing a Secret Santa Blog Swap ,anybody that would like to participate in this will be able to sign up and then i will randomly match everybody with their secret Santa partner. I should really call it a holiday swap so its open to all religions ill be posting it mid November but leave a comment and ill send you an email when i set it up.
I'm actually planning to be away for Christmas this year probably from Christmas to new years fingers crossed . I'll be spending it with my boyfriend and meeting his family for the first time (scary nervous!)
Wish me luck on that i really don't wanna be home with my family this year I'm not so fond of the extended family lol.
So lets hear from you guys what are your Christmas plans even though its early ???

Now lets get back to my favorite holiday Halloween ill be picking at random one of my followers to receive this adorable Halloween toy from target the green puppy one so be looking out for an email today.
I'll be using the random number generator

Happy Friday Everybody and have a good weekend kittens!


  1. Great idea - shopping only on Etsy. I try to buy gifts from Etsy throughout the year and put them away for Christmas.

    Let me know when you do the swap. I'd love to be involved!

  2. OOH! My aunt and her family are coming from Arizona to stay with us!! We're gonna see "The Nutcracker', and go to San Antonio(a very cute and Mexico inspired city where the Margaritas flow like water)! It's gonna be AWESOME!! SHe's my moms sis, and when they're together they fall into New Orleans accents and are SUPER loud and fun! I can't WAIT!! She's SO crazy!!! :)

  3. I think buying all handmade is a great way to go!

  4. I'm so super stoke I won this giveaway! I love the skelanimals :) I bought all the candy for my friends kids and the lil ones in the family!
    I love vinyl toys - this is perfect!


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