Victoria Secret Cupcake Panty Giveaway

This weeks giveaway is a pair of Victoria Secret Pink Collection Cupcake panties.
They are a size medium tanga kinda cut these will fit a small if you shrink them and possibly a large. They are brand new i picked up an extra pair when i went shopping i thought this would be a great giveaway idea.
The giveaway will end oct 20th and ill announce the winner the next day.
You have several chances to win this by doing any of the following.
First Entry (1 entry) Leave a comment with your your name and email address and favorite type of lingerie.
2nd entry follow my blog(1 entry)
3rd tweet this and follow me on twitter (2 entries)
last way to enter blog about this make sure to link me to it so i can see (3 entries)
You will also receive a few tasty treats and a surprise hair accessory .


  1. my favorite type of lingerie is pretty much anything from victoria secret....but I love cute babydolls!!!

  2. Hi! I now follow you on twitter and tweeted about your giveaway!!!!

  3. I blogged about your giveaway!!!

  4. This belongs with me!!! I buy a lot of "themed underwear"-like Holiday themed. The ones I'm wearing now have a glow in the dark pumpkin. I also like to wear "day of the week" underwear on the incorrect day, and I buy Disney underwear from the kids section of Walmart and Target a lot-The biggest size of course...for the obese kids! :)
    With lingerie I usually rock brightly colored see through silky, yet stretchy mini dresses or tank with boy shorts.

    AND- Had to share this with you- saw these boys on tv last night, and thought of you! :)

  5. - my favorite type of lingerie is lacy bra and undies sets! HOT HOT HOT!

    btw love your blog! xoxo


    Favorite type of and lace or leather and lace. :D

    Those cupcakes are so cute!


  7. If I leave a second comment, do I get a second submission?! I think I should!! :)


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