Wednesday Review

I got these 2 fabulous handmade leather cuffs in the mail the other day.
They are from the husband and wife team behind of Labyrinth Leathercraft I'm normally not a cuff person but i fell in love with these they are so beautifully made .
I was lucky enough to get 2 as well I'll be giving the more guyish one to my boyfriend he will love it .I found Amanda(another fellow Amanda) on etsy ,their shop has leather crafted belts ,wallets ,cuffs and lots more.
They also have another shop for smaller goodies

I'm so in love with this mad hatter belt buckle!


  1. I want these leather cuffs! :)

  2. Great buys! I love the belt especially... such classic etchings.

  3. AWESOME!! U need to check out 'BittersweetsNY' jewelry! I think you'd like it!!

    And- that Mad Hatter belt is AWESOME!!!
    OH!! And- funny story my moms told me today!! She said that when she was in high school in New Orleans, she and a partner had to interview the mayor AT the PRISON, and her partner wore this belt with pics of weed on it and low jeans. THey ended up having to walk down a long corridor with prisoners on each side and they were calling at them and jumping on the bars like monkeys. She was SO pissed at her partner! :)
    ...The belt just made me think of you!! :)
    AND-If u ever go to Austin, let me know cuz my cousin is involved in the herb there-He kind of lives his life like matthew mcconaughey. He's even smoked with Willy Nelson. :)


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