Weekly Roundup

Okay so we have alot of giveaways right now and some end soon so don't forget to enter.

Hand Maiden's Cottage Lingerie Print Apron Giveaway ends Nov 2nd

Fancy Lady T-Shirt giveaway ends Tuesday so don't forget to enter!
You get your choice of size and also you get to pick btw the logo above and my new logo below


Cute Cupcake Pony tail holder giveaway ends Tuesday as well


and last but not least something I'm very excited about

Create your own cupcake contest
I'm having the winner gets a dozen free cupcakes of their creation

These are a custom cookie order i made for a baby shower last week i think they turned out pretty cute .


  1. Those chick cookies are ADORABLE!! I want to hug them! :)
    I think I'm in for the giveaways! I hope-I should go make sure! :)

  2. They turned out TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! :)


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