Christmas Cookie Pre Order Special Price

Sorry for the bad pictures I'll be getting the better ones in a few days.
These are the first set of my holiday cookies for sale.
I have a special pre order price of $26 for a dozen and $24 a dozen for anyone who follows my blog.
They each come individually wrapped and in a gift box i have more shapes ill be posting soon but if you can't wait i can custom make them for you just ask.

How to pre order with the special price:
Leave me a comment with what you would like and your email or contact info and ill email you with your reserve listing .
You can check them out on my etsy


  1. I am so jealous of your cookie baking skills. i can make a mean pie, awesome cake and dangerous pastries but i absolutely fail at cookies. You have been blessed with super cookie baking skills! Take care & love!

  2. They look positively fabulous! I will check it out! yummmmmmmmy! xx


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