Christmas Tree Shop makes everything better

Although this weekend was the first time ive had a chance to relax and do nothing in a very long time i had alot going on and i was pretty sad and stressed all weekend.
Today was unusually nice out sunny and almost 70 and after a week of being bitter freezing cold a sunny 70 degree fall day was something i needed.
I headed over to the christmas tree shop in nanuet ny because the one by my house is closed sundays. The Christmas tree shop is by far the best store ever invented!!!
It has so much adorable stuff and for such cheap prices!
Now for those who don't know what this store is its not just a christmas store lol.
Its kinda hard to describe actually but I'm very glad i found it lol
It definately made my day and helped start off my christmas present wrapping extravaganza .
The best one ive been to thus far is in hyannis Massachutes we stopped there on the way home from nantucket when i saw it i was like omg look at this one pull in right now!!!
I found a pic on google of it i took better ones myself but they got delted by accident sadly.
This week we have alot of fun stuff and a new giveaway and the offical fancy lady secret santa swap starts as well so I'm looking forward to all the stuff i have for you this week.
Goodnight Kittens


  1. Oh man that reminds me... I haven't been to my local one in years! Must... go back... soon. It's the lines that got me, no matter when I would go there the place was ALWAYS packed. Maybe next time won't be so bad, though. :D

  2. loving your blog - thank you for sharing it !


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