First Annual Secret Santa Swap and Giveaway

Hey kittens welcome to The Fancy Lady's first annual secret Santa swap!
This swap is open internationally and Its a holiday swap so you don't have to celebrate Christmas to sign up either secret Santa just sounds so cute.

Here's how it will work first leave a comment saying count me in this with be so i can pick the winner of the giveaway which i will write more about below.
Then here's the secret Santa part your going to send me an email ( your name and address and a little bit about yourself and what you like .
Then November 21st i will start emailing everyone with their partners info so you won't know who has you till you get your gift in the mail.

Here are the rules:
The price of the gift must be $20 us no more no less.
Nobody is allowed to contact their partner and tell them or ask them questions since it defeats the purpose of the secret part lol.
You must have your gift out by DEC 10Th
If something comes up and you can not complete your swap please contact me so i can find your partner somebody else .
Your must be a follower of my blog and you can not sign up under anonymous
I will only be taking 50 swappers if it goes over fifty i will put you on a waiting list so if someone drops out you can take their spot .
Last day to sign up is Nov 20Th

Giveaway Time!

One lucky participant will receive a special surprise package from me with goodies i will be purchasing from a few of my favorite etsy shops i have featured in the past .
You get 2 extra entries for blogging about this leave a separate comment


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  2. I would love to participate. I'm sending you my email right NOW!

    Thanks for letting me know. :)

  3. I have some doubts but I'd love you to pick me up!!!! I'll send you an e-mail later!

  4. count me in! Ill get my email sent tonight! This sounds fun!

  5. I also blogged about it! Hope yo have tons of success!

  6. this sounds fun, please count me in! Will send you email real soon.

  7. I would love to participate! Please count me in. I will send you an email shortly. :)

  8. woow this is such a cool giveaway..and i loove surprises!! seriously hope i win :)

  9. Count me in, I would love to be a secret Santa.

  10. I want to participate too Amanda!!!
    Emailing you!

  11. I'm in! Sending the email shortly. :)

    I love Secret Santa Swaps.

  12. Ya, know I'm always sending someone I know a handmade gift...and have never been on the receiving end. This will be so much fun!

  13. I just left a comment and then followed your blog under a different name.."Tacky".

  14. Okay...last day to sign up, so count me in! emailing you now!

  15. Okay! I remember the rules now! :) I'm gonna copy them into my calendar so I'll be ready! :)


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