Halloween Wedding and thank yous

My philly trip ended up to be a bust i didn' t get to go to the museum and it rained all day so we couldn't really go anywhere else and my moms cheesesteeak idea was a bust 2 it was so busy we couldn't find party but i dropped off the wedding cupcakes so that was good.
Here's some pics they aren't so great but hopefully ill get some good ones from the bride.

Also Ive been having a really really bad weekend which continues to today as well Ive been really sad .
I came home last night and saw the posts from Allegra on frenchie and flea and style stance about their cookies they won from my giveaway.
They were so incredibly sweet and it made my day completely so i just wanted to say thank you so much ladies you made my weekend!
Here are the posts if you wanna read them


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