I saw Martha Today!!!

If you have read my blog you know I love love love Martha Stewart and will defend her till the day i die lol.
I Finally got to go to a live taping of her show today.
We were there at 7 am i was up at 5 am we stood outside for an hour and a half in the freezing cold and slightly rainy morning .
It paid off because since me and my mom were #5&6 we got the last two seats on the floor about 5 feet away from Martha lol.
Rachel ray was on today it figures this would happen on Friday the 13Th i hate Rachael Ray and of course the day i get picked to go that woman is on.
Our free loot consisted of A Rachael Ray cook book and a bulb book and a bulb some cute British plant lady was on lol. I do have to say Rachael is alot prettier in person than i thought.
Martha was super fun and she didn't come off as nasty as everyone says though you can tell shes not a super friendly person but that's what i like about her shes not so super annoyingly happy and nice like some people and guest on her show today lol.
Okay enough talking here's some pics i snapped before and after the show when we were allowed to take pics.

I had to include this china set from the Martha Stewart collection on the wall in the studio I'm in love with it i want it when i get married and have a house to use when i have dinner parties and its blue so i can try and convince Matt its still manly enough lolAnd i had to include my new shoes i got last week Ive wanted the lime green converse forever and found them on sale for $15 last pair in my size and no i did not wear these to Martha i put them on for the walk back in the rain lol

I has such an amazing day and then came home to find out i won the mustache giveaway on strumpets and crumpets my day is complete and now i shall take a nap since i got 2 hours of sleep last night lol


  1. {insert shrieking here} I have ALWAYS wanted to see Martha Stewart from the studio audience!{Big fan here too!} I am so green with envy right now! ;)
    speaking of green...lovin' the lime green converse! Sweet!

  2. Wow! What a great experience. Lovin the shoes too. Lime is my second fave colour! I think I need these for when I'm driving my lime green car - too cute!

  3. I am so jealous! I would love to see Martha live!! Eeeeeeee!! How fun!

  4. HA! I f'ing hate Rachel Ray, too! You're too cool.

  5. We all love Martha. Her imagination is endless. She probably wakes up in the middle of the night and jots down ideas.

  6. MARTHA!! She's a personal hero!! U lucky biatch! :)
    Ahhh! I LOVE ur green converse!! I've actually always wanted a black high top pair-I have pink now.


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