Lace me up baby

So i just realized last night i have a blog called cupcakes and corsets and have not done one post on corsets!!
I thought to myself good job Amanda lol.
If i would have continued my fashion design career i was going to specialize in lingerie and esp corsets.
If it was up to m i would spend my money on corsets and aprons but i do need real clothes to leave the house.
I stumbled across the designer Maya Hanson and immediately fell in love with her amazing creations.

The second and 4Th pictures are from her cake collection coming out next year i believe. I would die for one of those.
I'm going to be saving up to buy one of her corsets for myself for Christmas this year. An amazing corset is a great investment and if you wear it properly and enough you can even shrink your waist a few inches.

I'm on a never ending quest to find affordable lingerie it seems aside from Victoria secret any decent priced lingerie is cheap and skanky looking lol, and Victoria secret hasn't come out with anything really different in a long time.
So i will keep doing posts and updating you on my quest and maybe even a corset giveaway one day lol.

Maya Hansen corsets start at $400 us dollars and you can find them on her website .


  1. Wish I could afford to order one of those gorgeous corsets!! :)

  2. Wow they are so perfect! I like the last one the most and the hot pink stockings :) I've NEVER worn a corset -hmmmm - I've wanted to, since seeing Gone with the Wind! I want to see how tight I can get it lol

  3. I'd love both the 1st one and the 4th. I haven't worn one either, but love too! Would be great if you can source some nice ones for us for less $$$$$
    Cheers, Karen

  4. Fabulous corsets! Have a sweet day!

  5. Amazing corsets! I'm truly addicted on mayahansen corsets from now on:) Love the blue & pink one so much & the last piece is fun to wear to tea party*teehee*
    I got 2 of my corset in Etsy! One i just wore on Halloween day shooting:) Comeby and see when you'rre free:)

    Lovely blog!

  6. Fabulous corsets, especially for burlesque performers, which reminds me, I was making mini bloomers and bustles all week lol xx

  7. Love the corsets, and your blog, hon! :)
    Just wanted to ask everyone to check my blog out at, I know this is a shameless plug but I just started it a few weeks ago and haven't really had any readers!
    Thanks again, xoxo


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