My New Favorite Etsy Shop Feature!!

I received the best package in the mail the other day all the way from the UK.
It totally made my day this adorable owl wallet and kitty broach from Kate Garey .
She makes a plethora of things including bags,wallets,broaches,plushies and much more.
Her shop is by far my new favorite .
Here's a little bit about her from her website i copied and pasted.

"I'm a designer, artist and crafter based in the UK. I studied fine art and textiles at The Sixth Form College Farnborough, but I have always been creative since I was young. I'm drawn to the more quirky, cute , weird and wonderful things and I love to take everyday items, such as a tea cup, and add winking eyes and blushing cheeks to make instant cuteness. I'm also inspired by the more enchanted things in life and all my designs have some sort of character to reflect that."
Her main website is
and her etsy for all you us and other places who wanna order is and you can also find her on myspace
Here are some more of my favorites from her shops

Also a another treat i have for you is part of my secret Santa swap will be that there will be a giveaway involved one lucky blogger who signs up for the swap will be getting a present from me ill be purchasing a few items from my favorite shops and putting together a special package and I'll be including something from her shop as well!


  1. Wow! great purchases - super cute!!

  2. Super cute stuff! =) I'll have to add her to my faves!


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