Our new cupcake winner is!!

Carapace said...

"How about Texas Pecan Pie cupcakes? Pecans, brown sugar, vanilla and vanilla..mmm!:D"
So after going through all the posts with some helpers we decided on pecan pie cupcakes.
I'm pretty in love with pecans at the moment and the holidays coming up this will be perfect.
I'm going to get started on perfecting a recipe after this weekend and I'll be sending our winner a dozen of these to try and then ill be adding them to my flavor list and shop .
I'll announce the Official name when i finish them and also there are 2 runners up that will be receiving a gift certificate to use toward a custom order of their cupcake flavor and the runners up are :
Jen said...
How about Strawberries & Champagne. A champagne based cupcake with strawberry buttercream...topped with a fresh strawberry of course..or a fondant made one..

Amber said...
I would like to suggest some cupcakes called Dark and Pure. The cake would be made with dark chocolate, a really rich, almost bitter cake. Then the frosting would be chocolate ganache topped with roasted almonds and sea salt garnish.

Corinne said...
I'm hungry after reading all the cupcake ideas. My idea is to make a cupcake that tastes like tiramisu. Maybe the cake part is partially dipped in espresso and then a creamy really light frosting dusted with chocolate? You could call it a Cupamisucake. hehe... I Hope I win! I need a cupcake now!!!

I'll be sending you gift certificates via email today


  1. That sounds good! I made some turtles for tomorrow with pecans, and they look pretty good. I think pecan pie sounds like a good way to go! Send me some pics of em! :)


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