Thanksgiving with Martha

I thought id share some ideas for tables for thanksgiving from Martha Stewart these are a few of my favs I'm sadly not having a thanksgiving this year but ill be doing a big Christmas day dinner with a pretty table which ill do a post on showing how to design a table on a budget .
So what is everybody doing this thanksgiving??


  1. why are you not having a thanksgiving?!

    i'm really excited for this year's because it's the first time i will spend it with a boyfriend's family. :]

  2. Thank you for putting together these great Thanksgiving tables...Martha knows special occasions doesn't she! I love everything in the second photo :)
    Our Thanksgiving was last I will keep preparing for Christmas.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We're not having a traditional Thanksgiving this year either. It's the first year without my Mom and none of us are up to it. It's going to be take-out Chinese for us, how weird is that?

    I hope you have a lovely holiday nonetheless.

  4. i kinda don't have anywhere to go this year lol
    but i hope you all have a great holiday!!

  5. These are gorgeous! I wish my Thanksgiving table would look like that!

  6. Hey! :)
    My family is going to my boyfriend's aunt's house tomorrow. I really like them, but there will be some other people there who are mostly just there to hear about my business and I'm not excited for that. But-I'll just try to avoid those people. Hopefully I'll be able to escape a little. Where u going?! :)

  7. Love the golden pumpkin. Very cute.


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