Want to be featured on cupcakes and corsets and free gift

I'm going to be putting together 5 gift baskets for a December giveaway and i thought this would be a great idea for anybody looking to promote your shop.
Here's what i would need from you 5 items of the same thing from your shop doesn't have to be holiday related but that would be fun if it was.
What you get in exchange your very own feature on cupcakes and corsets and a $10 gift certificate towards The Fancy Lady Gourmet shop and also include business cards for more free promotion with your items .
Anybody that's interested in this send me an email to thefancyladygourmet@yahoo.com or if you have any questions feel free to email.
If you want feel free to re post this or send it to anybody who's interested


  1. You won my Sweet 'Stache giveaway! :)

    I do want to do this!! I'll email you so I can get more info!


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