What I've Been Baking

I finally uploaded some pics from the past 2 weeks of projects i thought id share!
Turtle Cookies for a baby shower

Red Velvet Cupcakes for wedding favors

Flower Cookies for Glam bags for www.glamorouswahm.com
Wedding Favor sample cookie

Mail order cupcakes packaged up and ready go
Mini cookies for poshhongevents.com


  1. Wow you have been busy. Stopping by to say I am now following from One 2 Try

  2. you do great work!! i love the turtles:)

  3. I am coming by from your link on One 2 Try...your goodies are amazing!!!!! :)

  4. Thanks so much for the cookies~loved them! My blogger hasn't been working for comments or I would have told you sooner!! THANK YOU again! :)

  5. thanks so much everyone and to katie im so glad you liked them!

  6. wow, I'm surprised you haven't been kidnapped and chained to someone's oven by now. lol. Those all look amazing!

  7. Those red velvet cupcakes look amazing. :)

  8. You're work is amazing! Red Velvet is my favorite!

    Coming by from One 2 Try

  9. LOVE your turtle cookies, and how they are packaged, so cute!
    Also, can you believe I have never baked red velvet cupcakes before?! I am inspired to make that a must within the next month! Thanks! :)

  10. thanks jessy you should definitely try making red velvet cupcakes just make sure to have alot of red food coloring on hand lol


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