Winner and a new Warm Giveaway

Our winner is....
Andrea congrats you won the custom clutch giveaway!!

Our new giveaway is a cupcake scarf from a great etsy shop i ordered just for this giveaway .
The etsy shop i got it from is:
She has such cute knit stuff check it out if your in the market.

I used my friend Megan for a model but she wasn't properly made up for face pics lol.

Here's how to enter
Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing to do to keep warm in the winter is.
Extra entries :
Add The Fancy Lady on facebook
Blog about this giveaway and link me to it
Please leave a separate comment for each


  1. omg. i am entering all of these giveaways for my friend julie who is in thailand right now (the lucky duck!) and who can't enter them herself as she would wear this EVERY single day if it was hers.

    my favourite thing to keep me warm in the winter is my boyfriend...cheesy and predictable, i know...but his body is always so warm so we're the perfect match! i also love: huge mugs of tea, wooly socks, mocassins and big scarves.

  2. & 2...i just added you to facebook! i'm so glad you didn't say twitter...cause i don't that.

  3. and for one more entry: here's my blog post about the giveaway

  4. I wear my lovely pair of knee-high, flat-heeled boots that I bought from England on clearance a few years back. Also, many layers of clothing!!

    (I follow your blog!)

    spektorish @ gmail. com

  5. I'm a fan of Fancy Lady! :)

    spektorish @ gmail . com

  6. Wow that scarf fair gave me a smile, what a very clever idea :)
    My favourite way to stay warm is to snuggle up under my tv blanket with BF, dogs and a big mug of hot chocolate

  7. I love cover me in the sofa with a wide blanket!

    thansk!It's a lovely and funny scarf!!!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  8. I love to drink warm tea in the winter to stay toastie

  9. i am following you :)

    my favourite thing to do in the winter to keep warm ;

    i am little miss christmas - honestly i live for the time of year. so my absolute ideal way to keep warm would be ; drinking candy cane hot chocolate, sitting by the fire with a christmasy smelling candle burning. nothing more perfect, cosy & warm than that!

    i am going to blog about this as soon as i get home from my 48 hour mission from thailand back to canada.

    i will be dreaming of this scarf tonight!!]thank youuu]xo

  10. I added you to facebook.
    I would love love love a scarf like this!

  11. *clears throat*
    I'm also following you now, and my favourite thing to do to keep warm in the winter is to snuggle up with my boyfriend under lots of blankets, turn on the fire and watch movies.

  12. My favorite thing to do to keep warm in the winter is layer dresses and sweaters with a pair of leggings, cute boots, and my favorite winter coat!

    Your blog is so cute!

    -Chels xoxo

  13. Just became a follower....

    my favorite thing to do in the winter is 'visit' snow... we don't get much snow here in Phoenix, AZ... but an hour north and white blankets everywhere!! :-)

  14. Following.

    My favorite thing to do is drnk creamy sweet coffees and wear slippers. I also enjoy sleeping with my two sons on cold nights, sug as bugs in a rug.

    Enter my giveaway too

  15. Ok, just checking, did my last comment go through?

  16. To keep warm in winter I love to snuggle up in bed with my favorite blanket and a big bowl of soup.

  17. I am a follower .

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is to go out to a cafe or meet up with a friend and go somewhere inside from the cold snowy weather .

    I really like to have herbal tea or a hot chocolate . :)


  18. i just added you as a friend on facebook .

  19. Followed!
    I love staying home sleeping next to the heater!

  20. blogged

  21. Facebook. check. =)


  22. I snuggle with my two cats, Moxie and Puff, listen to a book on tape, drink tea, and work on whatever craft I'm busy with at the time. I love autumn and winter, and I'll love to keep warm with a cupcake scarf!

  23. i am now following you :)
    & i added that lovely lady to facebook :)

    i will post the link the my blog later today!

  24. i posted about the giveaway on my blog! yeyeye :)
    i've now completed every step.
    love it!

  25. i'm following you! and also trying to win this for julie! <3

    so alright, where i live it's hardly everr winter, but when it is i like to keep warm by baking! and cuddling with my main squeeze and our dog, phoebe. :]

  26. here's the link to my blog for an extra entry!

    *also, sorry i posted the previous comment like a million times! i didn't realize the comment had to be approved. :x

  27. Enter me please :)

    I love to grab a hot chocolate and my duvet and pile onto the sofa with my 3 dogs. We all get settled and watch tv and it's lovely :)


  28. AM I TOO LATE FOR THIS ONE?!! If I am, I may go buy one for myself anyway-I've wanted one of these for a couple of years! U know I should have this!!! :)
    And- I like to wear my sister's GINORMOUS coat she got a few years ago to stay warm-She gets pissed when she sees me in it-It probably feels like a snuggie would-just fabulous. It's white and big, so I know I look like a marshmallow in it, but it's worth it! :)


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