Beautiful Holiday Table on a budget part 1

Part One
I'll be doing a feature on how to do a beautiful table for your holiday get together on a budget .
Today I'll be covering a few things.

My biggest pet peeve for any holiday function or party is paper plates i hate them ,but its also expensive to buy a different set for every event.
If you have a dollar store near you ,you can pick up plain white glass plates for $1 each.
To add a little pizazz you can pick up chargers i would pick a color that you can use more than once.
I found this set at target 12 for $17.99 or if you have a christmas tree shops by your house they go for $1-2 each.
Now table cloths are another problem Ive had in the past i don't want a plastic coated one or paper ones and all the nice cloth ones are always over $20.
Here's my idea why do you go to your local fabric store or even etsy and buy some fabric just measure your tables and buy accordingly .
I love dessert platters and i found this simple and gorgeous on for only $12.99 and you can dress it up and adorn it for every holiday or event.
That's it for today but ill be doing a few more posts to complete the whole table if you guys have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see on the next post leave me a comment and ill find the affordable way to do it for you!


  1. That's a divine dessert platter, with great height, to add elegance to your table.
    Can't wait to see the finished look xx


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