Christmas Table on a budget Part 2

Hey kittens sadly i won't be hosting christmas anymore so i won't have the final table pics for you but i still wanna do the last part to help finish your perfect holiday table on a budget.Napkins
Lets start with napkins. You can purchase a set of ten here for only $5.50 once you have a set of plain colored cloth napkins you can use them for any occasion and use a ribbon to tie them up you can buy cheap ribbon with your holiday theme at your local craft store.

Place Card Holders
You can make your own place card holders instead of buying the pricey kind.
You can make the pine cones by collecting some pine cones and either painting and glittering them or just leave them plain. If you can't find pine cones outside you can normally find them at the craft store.
Or what i was going to do was Christmas ornament holders the picture are the store bought ones but you can easily make them yourself.
You can purchase a set of decorated balls walmart and target have some great deals on sets.
You can use card stock circles glue to the bottom to stand them up and attach wire to the top to hold the paper and wallah! Your done


For me a dinner table is not done till there are pretty flowers on the table.
But since ordering these flowers from martha stewart on isn't always in the budget you can make a beautiful floral center peice by yourself.

You can start with either a metal tin $3-5 at a craft store or just a plain vase you having lying around the house. Then head to your local market or if you know of one a flower market don't confuse this with a florist a flower market is kinda like a flower it where some florists and people doing there own flowers for their weddings go to get flowers.
Theres a local Italian market that sells amazing flowers for really cheap by my house. So go pick out your favorite flowers and then arrange them however you think looks best your can even paint the leaves like the picture or add holly berry from the craft store.
If you think i should add anything else or wanna know any other ideas leave a comment and ill do another part tomorrow . I hope this helped and i hope everybody has a great and beautiful holiday!


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