Experiments In French Pastry

I am finally taking a break where i won't have a million orders to do after Christmas baking and the cake convention the following weekend I will finally have some time to experiment in baking new things . I love french pastry but lately i have not had any spare time to branch out and try making anything of these sorts so I'll be experimenting with my 2 new books i ordered which i have been eyeing for months.
These 2 books have recipes for their famous french macarons and amazing chocolate desserts .
I can't wait to get into the kitchen and bake up all these decadent and rich desserts for all my testers (aka friends,family,boyfriend) to try .
From now till Christmas i won't be posting very much but after Christmas my blog will be up and running with more daily posts and updates in my french culinary adventure and more giveaways!
So in case i don't post again till after Christmas i wanna wish all my Kittens a happy holidays and also a big thank you for all your comments and support i love reading your comments !


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