Week Before Christmas Prep!

Okay so this past week i have been so busy doing a million things orders presents ect here's some photos instead of typing it all.
Packing up Christmas orders above(just one of them)

Wrapped up presents for my friends
Here's my friends adorable daughter waiting to eat the Christmas cupcake i made
The gingerbread men ones are the gingerbread for the Martha Stewart cupcake challenge
Greens ones are the white chocolate peppermint mocha
Cookies i made for my boyfriend for his birthday party
and now i have to go back to baking ...


  1. Those cupcakes look delish! Pls. post the recipe!! Also, love the dotted ribbon on those presents! They are soo pretty.

  2. Wow lady. Those cupcakes look KILLER. I love how you wrapped the gifts, too.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for baking along with us this month!

  3. woww I love packing up Christmas!! :)


  4. Love the cupcakes and the wrapping paper is awesome! Love the Babushka dolls :)


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