What color should i pick???

Okay kittens so I'm orders new boxes for shipping cookies and cupcakes i have 3 color options i need your opinion what should i go with??

option 1 2 or 3??

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling boyfriend todays his 24 birthday i love you babe!


  1. I like black...it goes with everything and is classic :)
    Happy Birthday to your Man! wow! 24...I remember that year! :)

  2. i think three is best!!!

    xoxo trine

  3. 3 is my fav colour so I might be bias. I do think I like 1 though as I think it would show off your cupcakes and cookies the best.

  4. I vote for option 1.

    Happy Birthday to your man! I hit 24 next year. What happened to being a kid?

  5. I would pick 1. I agree that black goes with everything.

  6. I like option 2 very traditional

  7. i think im going to go with option one glossy black thanks for all the input!


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