Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping for Jordan and Cupcake Special

So in two weeks my best friends daughter turns three (the one I'm doing the dora cupcakes for).
I wanted to get her something special and unique but frankly I'm not good with kids never been very fond of them ,but this one i happen to adore and love so i went on a quest on etsy of course to find the perfect gift. Now the theme is Dora so i knew everybody us already going to get her Dora stuff so i wanted something different. Doing this inspired me to from time to time do a featured seller not just on Etsy but in general a small business i recommend and wanna share with you.
I finally found the perfect gift for her in a shop on etsy called :
The Handmaiden's Cottage
They specalize in custom aprons for adults and little girls.
I fell in love with this cupcake one so on monday im going to order it.
Im also getting the adult one for myself lol

You can find this at

Also this weekend I'm running a special on cupcakes
Buy one and get another of the same value half off
and you also save $4 on shipping .
If your interested email me at
or convo me on etsy
so i can set up your custom listing

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 Day Only Cupcake Sale!!

After memorial Day Sale !!! May 26th and 27th almost all cupcakes are on sale at my etsy shop!
Including the new Somoa Girl Scout Cookie inspired Cupcake!
If something is sold out and i don't get a chance to re list convo me and ill set up a separate order.
Check out the coconut chocolate and the nutella ones and many more!!

Go to

Nj Cupcake June Meetup

So i noticed there were no Meet Up groups for cupcakes in Nj and i know there are alot of people here who love them so i started one ! It wasn't free which was not fun but i thought it would be a good idea and well worth it!
So all you kittens in Nj who love cupcakes/baking sign up and come to our first meet up in june i still havnt picked a spot yet if anybody has any ideas let me know.
Heres the link

Friday, May 22, 2009

Costco Cupcakes

No this is not a post about those large butter crap topped cakes they call cupcakes they sell at Costco. Trust I'm not putting Costco down just their frosting its that typical cheap fake butter cream crap frosting you get at a bad bakery or food store. Monday my Costco aka the one my dad is the manager at is having a big softball game for memorial day and he asked me to go . Some people are bringing food so i figured hey let me make some Costco/baseball/memorial day themed cupcakes free promotion for me. I mean all three are red and white and two are red white and blue so it works lol. Plus it should be fun to watch some of these people running around trying to play a sport.

This weekend is going to be a pretty crazy weekend i have a baby shower cookie order ,the Costco cupcakes,strawberry sampler,and fathers day idea samples. Saturday i also have to work at my other job and since that job is at a liquor/wine located in Costco is should be packed to the brim with people. Also Monday night I'm going to be checking out a new restaurant Patsy's apparently they have even better fried calamari then Rudy's in Hackensack( which to me is currently one of the best in NJ. Which brings me to another topic sorry i kinda bounce around a lot . I'm going to start doing reviews of restaurants and cupcakes in NJ/NY area. Iv always wanted to do that. According to my mom i started reviewing restaurants at an early age but it was more a review on how nice the bathroom was as opposed to the food lol.

I recently have come to realize something more on the serious side ,there are people in your life that going to piss you off sometimes and your going to disagree with you sometimes but at the end of the day those people are still the ones who make you smile and still the most amazing people you'll ever know. A lot of people have a few of those people in their life ,I on the other hand only have two but I'm very lucky to have them. I'm still pretty young but it seems like as the years go by you kinda weed out the friends and people that arn't good for you and your life.
I just hope one day ill at least have a few people i can call true friends...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dora Cupcakes

Next month is one of my best friends daughters third birthday so of course i was on board for doing a cupcake tower for it. The theme is her favorite Dora the explorer. So last as per usual i was up at 2 am searching for ideas and inspiration although i did see a few sets on flickr of some cute ones most of them didn't look that great. I'm thinking i can pull off something great for this special little girl, I'm really excited for this project it should be fun!

So the other night i mentioned playing with fondant at 2 am well i should do it that late all the time i think they came out great. So cute they are perfect for weddings and baby showers i think. I'm in search of the perfect caramel recipe for a filling inside a cupcake the one i found seems to harden to quickly and burn to easily so till then T'm going to fill my samoas inspired cupcakes with a caramel cream filling instead.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why must it always rain on my day off

its almost june and i had my winter coat on tonight what the hell , i had the day off and wanted to do something fun but noooo it had to rain and be cold and its going to rain all memorial day weekend! I made some sample cupcakes for two potential clients for a baby shower and christening
they came out cute but i think i could have done better given more time . Its one am and i think im going to go play with fondant lol this is now what i do when i cant sleep. My brain just doesnt wanna stop tonight, the rest of me is tired though. Well heres the sample cupcakes and also the premire of my Nutella cupcake The Dutchie! Night kittens

Thursday, May 14, 2009

were not in kansas anymore toto

i finished and delivered my wizard of oz cupcakes and cookies to the very sweet lady who ordered them for a luncheon i was pretty pleased with how they came out the cupcakes were way more sparkly and cute in person. They were blueberry cupcakes with raspberry vanilla butter cream frosting and the cookies were Filipino Swedish honey cookies.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day!

was rather nice this year free of the loud mouths and stress of previous years. We took a ride up toward northern NJ close to pa area to some farms and went antiquing .It was such a beautiful day out and while in the Jefferson/ rockaway area of NJ i started to remember an old friend of mine who i hadn't heard from in awhile and how much i actually miss them im still trying to locate them lol.
The restaurant we went to smelled amazing before we walked in but i was highly disappointed by the food i wasn't ready to write them off though, my mother also didn't like her's but i feel like the flavors they used weren't like the ones we were used to in the Spanish /Portuguese food we normally eat. The place was adorable and our waiter although he look twelve was very friendly and sweet. Right next store was another antique store that was quite adorable.
If your ever in Lafayette NJ go to The Chocolate Goat you wont be disappointed there chocolate is amazing and so is this adorable 2 floor house turned store.
On the way home we stopped in my favorite state park type place called wawayanda to snap some pictures . I think i really realized yesterday how much i really need to live somewhere with mountains and trees and nature I'm really not one for suburbia and the city is only fun if your in London lol.

Friday, May 8, 2009

CupCakes and Porn...

3 am just got done with all the mothers day orders and was watch the AVN awards for those who don't know its like the Oscars for porn! lol You gotta love it ,its so fun glazing cupcakes while watching my favorite James deen (porn star) win an award sounds like a very interesting night.
I made dark chocolate truffle cupcakes with a strawberry ganache which i had to tweek a bit because it wasnt setting right but they came out amazing . I used the good stuff 86% pure cacoa dark chocolate. Im not looking foward to going to work at my other job seeing as sunday is mothers day and everybody will be there buying the wine out of the store! but after work im going to go home and practice using fondant .Ill post pics if they come out good lol.

Im almost indefinatly moving to michigan next year and if things go as id like ill be living there for a few years so thats most likely where ill open my first shop ,Probably near ann arbor i heard theres a cupcake place there now but theres always room for another i checked them out their cupcakes look really tasty. Its gunna be a little cold there but the area sounds fun and i think ill be pretty happy there <3 .

oh and here's James deen on the top left what a baby face so cute you cant even imagine he could do such filthy things. lol

Secret Mothers Day sale!

Well first lets start with the title Sunday may 10Th mothers day im doing a surprise 30% off all cupcakes sale so those who follow me which are not many lol will know about this ahead of time!

So another rainy day in nj its suppose to be spring but its so crappy out everyday i just wanna see a little sun maybe it will pep up my mood or get rid of my huge everlasting headache from allergies!
Im taking my mother to this Spanish / Italian restaurant hopefully its good im pretty sure im the only Italian who hates Italian food im definitely a fan of Spanish food.
In honor of mothers day im creating an orange creamsicle cream filled cupcake for my mother and also adding it to my list of flavors.

Im also debuting My little dutchies Cupcake Truffles and a cream filled version of the regular dutichie which is a chocolate nutella cupcake. Since all my cupcakes are named for people and places iv traveled to and met ill tell you a little about the girl who inspired The name Dutchie.
While living in London (the short time i did) i met a amazing group of girls who i adored one of my favorites was a adorable girl from Holland ,who upon first meeting was drinking booze out of a makeshift glass that was a nutella jar . I ended up called her dutchie and while creating new recipes the nutella one was definitely going to have to be named after her!
Thats enough rambling for today though i need to go get ready for my other job
Happy Early Mothers day

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy days suck...

i woke up with a horrible migraine and i have to finish mothers day orders for people i work with. Right now i need to lay in bed for another 4 hours or so lol. Todays a good day to lay around and watch movies im up for anything with Paul rudd i love him or im feeling like watching Marie Antoinette . I need a paul rudd movie marathon !
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