Monday, June 29, 2009

Makeup Feature

Something you may not know about me is i used to do makeup free lance for a little while, i was really into it and loved doing it till i started doing this and pretty much didn't have time anymore which still makes me sad lol. I found allot of great help and great and talented makeup artists on myspace groups. There was one in particular that had her own group and now has her own line.
Still Glamorus Cosmetics

Shes also the gorgeous poster girl above.
She is such a talented makeup artist and has started this whole line by herself.
The color above is called snob is my favorite on her line of Hd Paint Me Glam Pressed Pigments.
She has such great colors and products and at great prices that shadow is only $8.
If your in the market for some new makeup you should check it out i'll be hitting up the store next pay check lol .
The link for her site is :

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Cupcakes Today Only Contest

I'm creating a new cupcake and i need a willing victim to test ship to. The flavors are going to be chocolate and strawberry and the design is the surprise part . The only catch on here is you have to be a follower so leave a comment tonight / tomorrow morning and ill pick a winner tomorrow so this is a quickie so enter now! Ill contact you for shipping info and let you know you won.
thanks so much and good luck!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sonice The HedgeHog

Yesterday after i finished up some samples for wedding cupcakes ,i had some extra time on my hands and wanted to play/practice with fondant. I remembered the kid Andy i work with was asking me to make him a sonic cake (i love sonic) so why not make a cupcake first. I wanted to do more than just that so i made the shrooms and stars from super Mario ,scooby doo, and that square shaped poop looking character i keep sing everywhere named domo.
I'm a complete perfectionist I'm literally my toughest critic but the sonic ones i was really proud of. As i was making them i was getting a little worried but when he came together i loved him!
Scooby i wasn't so happy with but I'm going to try him another time ,the rest came out pretty good as well.
My next go at old school cartoons are Gumby and The Pink Panther . I saw some amazing Gumby ones i wanna make.
Well above are the pic and you can check out more on my photobucket and also pics from my life and adventures.

GoodBye Present

As i wrote in an earlier post i quit my job my last day is Saturday. In October i would have worked there 2 years. I really do adore most of the people i work with and as much as sometimes i couldn't stand it there i did have allot of fun to. The one lady i work with is such a sweetheart iv gotten allot closer with her since i had gotten back from London,when i came in the other day she handed me a pink box. Told me she got me something it was a little ceramic cupcake box that said good luck it was honestly one of the sweetest thing ever i love it so much i wanted to share.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tim Burton Does Alice in Wonderland

I have been a Tim Burton fan ,well i guess since pee wees big adventure but he really got me with Beetle juice and Edward scissor hands they were my favorite movies when i was little and still are.
Iv loved almost all his movies except for Sweeney Todd and trust me its hard for me to hate anything with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton involved . To this day i insist the best Batmans are not that bull they try and pass off as Batman these days but the ones Tim Burton did.
Two years ago i heard he was doing alice in wonderland one of my favorite childhood stories but not only that but Johnny Depp was going to play the mad hatter . I have wanted to see it since its still not coming out for another year but i assure you i will be there opening day.
The only downside is he of course cast his wife to play the red queen or queen of hearts, i despise Helena Bonham Carter i really don't know why i just can't stand her . But here's the topper Alan Rickman is going to play the hookah smoking caterpillar(my favorite character). I love him he's great ,and Anne Hathaway is going to play the white queen shes amazing I think she's amazing.
Is it 2010 yet??

Laduree Love...

While living in London a friend now ex friend i should say gave me a travel guide before i left. While looking through it one day i saw this picture of these little colorful little cake like things. Then i noticed they were at Harrods one of the places my mom told me i should check out so my ginger friend and i headed over there to try them. Do not go to Harrods on Saturday lol it is a madhouse !
It actually took us awhile to find the place Harrods is so big and its kinda tucked away. We stepped into this cute little shop like room everything was sorta shabby chic pastel tea party themed I loved it. When we got there i discovered these little cakes were called macaroon an no its not the American coconut ball like thing you're thinking of. The boxes alone are amazing they come in soo pretty i tried the praline and the coconut flavored one i think that one is seasonal . They were prefect the best pastry i ever tried so light and delicate with a splash of flavor from the filling inside oh dear , i miss them lol. When i get married who knows when that will be lol i want to give these away as favors i wonder if they do that the only part is importing them or getting somebody to get married over in the UK or even better Paris. I have yet to visit the ones in Paris but when i go I'm going to be making some stops there. My best friend and I are going on a quest soon to find the best version of these french delights in NYC soon so I'll have to do a review on those .

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Official Fancy Lady Logo

While browsing around etsy one day i found this artist ,i absolutely loved her work and i had a thought i was in the market for a logo for my company why not ask her if she could do a custom logo. I was thrilled to find out she would and we began working together we tossed around a few ideas and finally decided on this owl/cupcake themed one which i love!
Now granted i was an art major and probably could have drawn one myself but i do not have any idea how to work digital art lol.
Her shop sells prints ,cards,stickers,and even bookmarks.
Her print are amazing if your in the market for some artwork you should really check her out and such a sweetheart ,she was so great to work with even with me being super picky lol.
Here are my 3 favorite prints:

Also my three favorite things owls,halloween,and Alice in Wonderland lol.
Check out Stephanie Fizer and her adorable art at:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Super Weekend Cupcake SALE

This weekend im in a sale mood so im offering my yummy vanilla bean cream filled cupcakes and my nutella cupcakes for only $10.99 for a dozen they normally go for 16.99 and all my bloggers get a free gift with purchase!! Just leave a comment say you bought something
Have a lovely weekend!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Longing for London

There will probably be allot of post like this on my blog,London is my favorite place in the whole world that i have been thus far. The short time i lived there was the best experience iv ever had. I think about it everyday and everyday it seems like a lifetime ago i was just there,kinda like it was all a dream.
The people i met were amazing and the places i went were even better. For my birthday in September I'm sending myself there as a present to myself lol. For some I'm going to give you a mini travel review and guide giving you a few places and picks at a time.

Here's what you all wanna know most SHOPPING!!
London is one of the best places to be for vintage finds.
The prices range from way over priced to practically just a pound.
Brick Lane

This is the entrance are i would say brick lane may be allot of back alleys and shady looking,but they have some of the best shopping found in London.
A few times a year a small vintage shop has this huge sale where you buy a bag
5,10,20 pounds UK money and can fill the whole bag up for that price whatever you can fit.
I would check for signs and ask around i forget the name of the store its kinda hard to find.
Then there is Beyond Retro i love this store its a lil bit more pricey but still reasonable and the selection is huge!
They have locations in London and Sweden .

Covent Garden

This place is so cute this is the market in the picture they have such great shops and if you go back further they have side streets where there is a little artists village and shops.
The stores here are on the higher priced sides but they have markets and street vendors with great priced finds as well they are also home to one of my cupcake inspirations!
Candy Cakes

Sadly i never got to try them none of the flavors really interested me at the time .
When i go for my birthday I'll be going there for sure,you can order them online if your in the UK.

The best part of London for me was getting to see this on my midnight strolls over the bridge.

Ill be back soon....

Cupcake Giveaway !!!

A lovely fellow blogger who found me on etsy is hosting a cupcake giveaway of my cupcakes ! You should check out her blog and you can enter to win as well .
She has lots of great reviews and giveaways check it out
You can read my interview there as well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jordan's Birthday !!

I really must admit I'm not a big kid person ,but i truly love my friends daughter Jordan. She is the cutest little girl i have ever come across in my life and so well behaved ,thanks to her mothers wonderful skills at raising her. I really had such a good time and since i barely get to see my friends anymore it was so nice to see everybody and catch up. As i said in an earlier post i did a small cupcake tower of Dora The Explorer cupcakes. I used edible markers for the first time , i really do not like them lol you have to trace ever so lightly . I was pretty dissapointed by how they turned on but everybody else seemed to love them so guessing it was just me being over critical of myself.
Once the candles went out the cupcakes were attacked ,it mad me so happy to see that and everybody around me making the good food noises we all know about. But i have to say the best part of the day was seeing eat her cupcake then all day keep asking for another one. It was so cute i was so happy they were a success!

On an etsy update note i put allot of new cookies up and a cupcake or two , and iv also started sale of the day . Each day i feature a new item that's on sale. Check it out when you have a minute check my side bar for the link.

I gave my 2 weeks!!

I finally decided it was a good time to leave my other job I'm getting allot more orders and i can't take weekends off. I'm finally going full time with The Fancy Lady Gourmet. I'm so excited about it but a bit nervous ,things will be tough at first but we all have to struggle to get anywhere in life and i have been working my tail off and trying to get myself out there. Iv finally found my true passion in life and what i have the most creativity in . I'm allot happier now as well ill also be debuting my logo very soon so keep checking back for that .

Monday, June 8, 2009

Everybody's Cafe

Stroudsburg pa , Sunday after our shopping trip we took some wrong turns on purpose to go exploring and find someplace to eat dinner. I noticed this place called Everybody's Cafe it was so cute and had outdoor seating . We pulled up and went in as i was being seated i decided i was going to do a review of this place. First off the main street of the town was adorable and such cool stores and the local old fashioned looking movie theatre was playing dark side of the moon ,that's my kinda town but right after that was a scary looking country looking ghetto of sorts it was weird.
Our waiter this very geeky younger guy took our drink order and i looked at the menu. They had a huge menu and had all sorts of food Italian style,Greek style,a little Spanish very mixed and they had very diverse prices so it was affordable . I ordered the wings and waffle fries with Cheddar cheese, I'm not normally one to enjoy slightly under cooked fries but they were so good you could barely tell. The wings were not a traditional sauce but had allot more flavor and spices they were very good. My mom go the sliced steak sandwich which she was perfectly cooked and very good.
The dessert menu was 3 pages that's the most iv ever seen lol, thankfully i was stuffed enough just from eating half my food so we didn't order any. This place definitely landed itself in my top favorites its right by the university so if your ever in the area check it out.

Designer Drug Carriers and Converse

Sunday was so beautiful out me and my mom decided to take a trip the outlets in tannersvile pa.
It was surprisingly crowded for such a nice day out but apparently everybody wanted to shop.
After torturing myself in the Burberry store i decided to head over to some more torture at coach to my surprise they were having some sort of huge sale and when i walked in the door i was handed a coupon for 10% off my whole order after walking around drooling over the plethora of pretty purses i realized half the store had bags marked 50% off the already marked down price and then another 10% so i grabbed the last one of this simple yet gorgeous bag.

That's when i spotted this little rack of small stuff and asked the lady what this one small box like zipper container was then she opened it! Score it was a get this pill container.
It came with 3 small empty pill bottles frankly i don't think this was made for granny,more like the likes of Paris Hilton hiding her plethora of Colombian exported coke in it.
But for me i could only think of great somewhere to hide my herbal refreshment while traveling.
Don't get me wrong I'm in love and its a great idea but whats next Chanel coke spoons lol.

Before coach i actually ran up to the converse out the main reason for me driving 2 hours when i can just go to the closer outlets in ny. I pretty much live in heels and converse yet complete opposites but i think that reveals allot of what kinda person i am lol.
I got three pairs for only $80 and one pair was only $10.

Lastly we went to that candle place no good candles but the giant barrels of candy for $1.99 a lb were great esp since i found a whole barrel of the colored flavored tootsie rolls i absolutely love the orange ones but you can never find them outside Halloween time or in a bag by themself so i just picked out all the orange ones and just got those lol.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wish i had one of those grandmothers...

As i walked past the plantains sitting on the table of my grandmothers kitchen today i thought to myself i really wish she would/could teach me some of the dishes she makes. Let me give you some background on me I'm 75% Italian and the rest Filipino ,actually iv come to find out more recently that I'm half and half even though by looking at me you couldn't tell. My father and his mother were born in the Philippines so shes full blooded. From that side of the family i grew up with a lot of Spanish food . I tried when i got older to ask for recipes or to teach me some but she came back with well nothing lol . My other side my mother's mother cant cook she is not the typical old Italian cooking lady she cant cook to save her life . My grandfather was the cook he used to own a deli corner store but sadly he died when i was little . I'm a self taught cook my mother taught me the basics and i made them taste good lol. Still every now and then i would have loved to have learned some of the dishes my grandma and grandpa make/made. When it comes to nationality of cuisine Spanish is my cup of tea i think I'm the only Italian American who doesn't like pasta. I love cooking Spanish food Portuguese food and also Cuban food. If you ever in NJ my recommendations for Portuguese /Spanish food is Segovia in moonachie . Everything there is amazing and unlike most higher priced places you get allot of food . Try the chicken and spinach its amazing and on the low calorie side as well.
My second pick is azcur is jersey city its a Cuban restaurant and cigar lounge great atmosphere live music and amazing food for really great prices.

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