Friday, July 31, 2009

Artist Spotlight .. Art on Bags

I have the pleasure of knowing this particular artist in person lol.
I'll tell you a little story, Back in the day (7 years ago lol) i went to a pre- College art program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.

They roomed with me with this adorably sweet and funny girl from Washington Dc named Maya. She was an amazing artist and a great girl as well.
Fast forward 7 years i found her on facebook through another friend who went to Pratt.
She is now selling these custom painted tote bags which are absolutely amazing.
Her and her cousin make and sell them online.
Totes Def Totes
You should really check these out she can pretty much put anything you like on a tote I'm already planning my order when i get some extra money.
I'll be updating you on these and her business again later on.

I love the snoop one lol.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Sale

So im taking a vacation from etsy from aug 6th to aug 24th to create new recipes work on my bridal convention stock up on vintage for the shop and create new frames and hair stuff.

My vintage/handmade shop is having a as is all items must go sale.
Here's some stuff

Both frames are only $10
Floral headband $4
i have more clips/bows all under $5
and a beautiful Italian vintage hat only $14

The Fancy Lady Gourmet
Is also having a sale on lots of the cookie favors and even if your event is in the future if you purchase now you still get the sale price.
All orders in August come with free gifts/treats!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Etsy Front Page

This morning i woke up to find my white chocolate cherry truffles were featured on the front page of etsy its the first time that i was aware of that i was on the front page .
Needless to say i was very excited about that i also put them in sale in honor of it!
You can now get 2 dozen white chocolate cherry cupcake truffles for only $16.99.

Also you have 2 more Days to enter my cupcake giveaway!
Go to my blog archive it should be a few back enter and ill announce the winner Aug 2ND!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Etsy Artist Feature Peculiar Curiosities

I recently stumbled upon a blog called Peculiar Curiosities and then noticed their etsy shop.
I was also lucky enough to be their first customer and to own one of their amazing prints which i also received an awesome handmade card.
The shop and blog is run by a very sweet and fun couple Kateri and Jonathan.
They have a amazing an unique style of art, i bought the print Doctors of the Plague.

I did a interview with them which you now get the pleasure of reading .

1. How did you find Etsy or where did you hear about it?

Kateri: I was at an art meeting that was teaching old fogies how to make their work more “internet accessible.” Etsy was brought up and I thought “Wuzzat?” Right?
Jonathan: I think so... Kateri threw the name out at me and I kinda just brushed it off for a while. On a whim one day I looked Etsy up and saw the possibilities for our work. And over a period of 5 months what would later become Peculiar Curiosities slowly seeped out of us and fell into the floor with a squishy splatter.
Kateri: Yeah...

2. How long have you been doing art?

Kateri: Seriously, I’ve only been at it for a year. I randomly applied to an art school, got in, and realized that I had to actually PROVE myself with a portfolio. Sooo, that’s how I turned so gung-ho. But, I started doodling when someone put one of those mega-crayons in my chubby, baby fingers. I guess the same can be said for you, eh Buggy? You’ve been at it since the 80’s, right?
Jonathan: Si, ever since I was a wee gooey larva holding those god-awful chunky crayons. I realized that I wanted to do something artistic as a career by the time I had burst out of my cocoon. And here we are!

3. Who are some of your favorite artists of all time?

Kateri: Holy begeezies, this could be a long list. There are the standards, like Van Gogh and Picasso. You could throw some Degas, Goya, and Turner in there, too. Gustav Klimt also tickles my fancy. And who doesn’t admire cranky Michelangelo? Of more recent “fine art” artists, I’m fond of Takashi Murakami and Roy Lichtenstein. However, my heart is with sequential artists with my favorites being James O’Barr, J. R. Goldberg, Jhonen Vasquez, David Mack...etc. etc. Really, the list could get way too long.
Jonathan: Of all time? Hard to say, but yeah I really dig David Mack’s approach to the comic book page. The things that he does are just amazing! I only hope to one day reach his level of creativity.

4. What inspires your art?

Jonathan: Everything usually. It could be a scene from a film, something I’ve overheard, read or seen. Most of the time, my art comes from my various interests like Pinup girls, the paranormal, and East Asian cultures. I truly love anything goes against convention and the mediocre.
Kateri: I’m with you, but mine is more randomocity. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a single line that turns into a full-fledged painting. Or maybe another artist’s work triggers an idea - which is usually the case. Other times, there is more soul put into it. I love character-driven work, so I get inspired by seeing someone unique at our lovely local Wal-Mart or by studying a stereotype.

5. Do you do this full time or part time and what are your future goals?

Kateri: Uhh...that’s actually kind of hard to answer, tehe! We are artists full time, but Jonathan’s primary field is writing while mine is undefined. So, he’ll spend his day writing away and I handle the blog, shop account, or what have you. I guess Peculiar Curiosities is more full time for me, but not necessarily for Jonathan. Financially, P.C. shouldn’t be full time - but we put in enough effort like it is a stable income. One can only hope that ‘ze powers that be will sprinkle good jibby-sauce on our little venture!
Jonathan: I’d love to work on Peculiar Curiosities full time! But financially speaking, I think a homeless person would have pity on us, haha. Like Kateri said, I spend most of my time in another room writing and a lot of the time I feel terrible because my attention is elsewhere and not on P.C. ’Tis hard, at least for me, to find the proper balance of writing and drawing. Which I guess is a personal and business goal! The most important goal in my eyes that I see the shop stand on its wobbly two legs more firmly. Like a baby deer!
Kateri: Yeppers. I'd like for Peculiar Curiosities to be more of a focused project with a lot more variety in items. One day, we want to expand to have more wearable and usable art. But, we have to take baby steps. First, we have to just get a good circulation of products.

6. If you could live in any era what would it be?

Jonathan: I’d have to say, the beginning of time just so I could find out the answer to the question that has plagued humanity’s mind for thousands of years...What came first? The chicken or the egg?
Kateri: Hehe, see, I’m totally different. Send me to a time in then late 1970’s when the Cure was just starting out. I’d love to have a chance to see Robert Smith play sans smeared lipstick and with the original line-up.

7. If you could go for a drink and sit down and talk to one person living or dead who would it be?

Kateri: It would have to be someone one likes dull company! Hmm...I’d love to chat it up with the custodian that’s worked at the Louvre for a long time. Yeah, I bet he/she could tell me what magic those paintings behold. What if they could move after closing time or something? OOoh, that could be juicy!
Jonathan: Probably Dracula...yeah, Vlad Dracula. Just for the sheer fact that he’s my seven times great grandfather. I bet he could tell some pretty interesting stories!

So right now if you haven't checked these guys out you should right now i demand it!! lol
You can find them on etsy and their blog

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Autumn Love

Fu@ck this summer love whatnot (excuse my french lol), I'm an autumn girl.
Since this summer has been particularly rainy and crappy I'm really looking forward to my favorite time of the year the fall.
I mean just to start with my birthday(sept 20th take note lol)my moms my best friends and my dads are all in the fall.
Then the weather i love that not to cold perfect weather and when the leaves turn those amazing colors, i could just die happy seeing something like this.

So today kittens I'm going to share my etsy finds for autumn goodies and also my favorite holiday Halloween items as well! Ive already planned 5 costumes i wanna be for Halloween lol.

First up are the beautiful Halloween spider stickers I've already made a mental note to order these, they are by LittlebeaneBoutique's shop

Next we have this beautiful acorn necklace perfect for the fall by Beadin babe

Then the reason i wish i was 5 again this cute candy corn head band
by Hooties bees (awesome name!)

Then the best part of fall scarves!!!
They have some great knit stuff a little out of my price range but beautiful
Tickled pink knits

We have this amazing vintage inspired hat , I'm so in love with it i wish i had the extra $75 laying around but for now ill just admire it lol
By buy gail
She makes some amazing hats

And of course we need some tasty treats
Pumpkin Truffles by

Jane of all trades

And last but deffinatley not least my inspiration for this entry these adorable apple tags and cards to by
Hdawn Parratt the same talented amazing lady who made my pretty cupcake tags

Friday, July 24, 2009


Is it just me or does anyone get sucked into that show house.
It seems to make me think way to much,some of the episodes are nuts.
If i start watching I'm completely sucked in lol.
Then Dr. House himself his character is definitely the kinda guy i would fall in love with.
Damaged goods asshole Type, Hugh Laurie Amazing!
He's so good looking for an older man and hes British in real life it just makes him more amazing.
I still can't get over how he can put on such a good "American" accent.
I'm not a big tv watcher esp these days i rarely ever watch it but i do love house lol.


“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to School Sale

So in honor of my 50 followers now! and back to school time coming soon I'm having a sale in my other shop.
I don't think i ever mentioned on here i also have another etsy shop where i sell hair clips handmade jewelry and vintage finds!
I'm also now making frames, what can i say iv always been one of those people that likes to make everything. Well i know a lot of you guys out there are moms and school time is approaching and lets face it the economy sucks right now .
So I'm offering custom hair clips for $5 each and 5 for $20 and free shipping on orders over 2!
I also have another Alice in wonderland clip and some great custom headbands .
I'll be having a custom frame giveaway as well very soon so stay tuned kittens.
Convo me before ordering so i can adjust the shipping rates and also all followers get a free tasty treat with their orders. My other shop
The Fancy Lady 's Closet

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Pretty Box!

Okay kittens ya i just realized "my pretty box" sounds a bit dirty or it could just be me lol.
None the less getting to the point i have recently been seeing the most beautiful cupcake gift boxes and i wanted to see if i could make them for favor boxes for weddings and parties but something tells me till i get the knack of it it would take me longer to do the boxes then cupcakes so here goes my first pretty box !

The Petite Cafe Cupcake Review

So randomly my dad called me up on my rainy day off and asked if i wanted to go check out this cupcake place then go get the supplies to make our cupcake tower project .
We head over to The Petite Cafe in Nutley NJ.
I was immediately not impressed , I really hate non cute generic looking cupcake stores.
They don't have to have bows or flowers or any of that , just make it more personal and like that put some effort into it. It looks like the typical nj bakery blah and boring and it even shares the doorway with a Thai food place.
We go in they had a large variety of cupcakes they looked tasty.
Me and my dad both got a peanut butter one which i was sad to find didn't have chocolate cake lol.
Then i got a canoli one and he got an Oreo.
He immediately ate his i waited till i got him, all of a sudden the king of Costco(as i call him)was a cupcake connoisseur lol.
He said "the cake is very moist but the frosting tastes like it came out of the can from the food store then proceeded to go on about it for another minute.
Yours are much better than this such a waste of $12 he said lol.
When i got home i cut them both in half which resulted in them falling apart.
Its good to have a moist cupcake but not to this point ,he was right on ball about the peanut butter one the frosting tasted like it was from a can. Now don't get me wrong that frosting is good but honestly its not in my opinion what a from scratch cupcake should taste like.
The canoli frosting was good but he canoli filling was weird tasting and when your Italian(only half) and from nj you know what a real canoli should taste like.
Over all i didn't like the place the cupcakes were good but not spectacular esp for the price and the atmosphere and package was very disappointed.
In my opinion sweet ave bake shop is the best thus far which i have tasted and I'm not a vegan so right there says a lot.

Cupcake tower i mentioned earlier me and my dad are doing a project together, i found these amazing wooden ones and when i showed him hes like i can make that and save you a lot of money so we started that project today ill keep you updated it should be good I'm excited.
I really hate those tacky plastic towers i want a nice elegant wooden one.

I also notice i have ten new followers welcome kittens and thanks for following make sure to enter my cupcake give away I'm hosting its a few posts away and also
the lovely art of being mom blog is hosting one for me and a review right now

Monday, July 20, 2009

Escape to Bear Mountain

After my long week and the wedding i did on Saturday i decided to take a Sunday drive/shopping trip to some town in NY state my aunt had told me about.
She said it was this great cute little town with vintage shops.
I forget the name but its next to sleepy hollow, well lets just say this town was a bust!
The vintage shops were over priced antique furniture stores with ugly mod furniture from the sixties i could have found at a yard sale for wayyy cheaper.
We (me and my road trip partner my mother) spent about ten minutes there then headed over to sleepy hollow honestly just because lol.
It was pretty cute the cemetery was huge and old wish i could have taken pics,i love old cemeteries.
We went way to far and ended up in god knows where far far away from any town or highway iv ever been. I felt like i went through a black hole people claim to have gone through where they end up in another country all of a sudden lol.
I saw a sign for Bear mountain which i had seen driving up there why not lets try it.
It took us up this huge beautiful mountain where you could see the whole mountain range then back down the mountain and hey look a sign for nj! Woo Hoo i win!
None the less it was a beautiful day and im glad i found that place.

On another note the wedding i did Saturday i got a lovely email from the wonderful bride telling me how much she liked everything, the only thing is i never got to take pics of all my hard work because the reception was in a crypt type lighted lounge lol.
I'm really hoping she had the professional photographer there as well because I could really use more pics for my portfolio .

On a happy note i just added my famous Fancy Lady Gourmet Chocolate chip cookies and for $16 for 2dozen and $30 for4 dozen you can't beat that check them out !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I miss Lucifer...

I've been reading allot of blogs lately and seeing stories on pets, I love animals i always have since i was little and ive had all sorts of pets but one stands out.
I had allot of cats i had dazzlin my first shy little persian baby who only liked me,then mary jane the tiny tailless runt gray kitty who died tragically only 3 days after having her,brody the crazy kitten who liked other boys and then there was my baby lucifer.
He had several names and was special from the start, I was shown a picture of 8 kittens all short haired calico and right it the middle was this fluffly black and white ball.
I want him i couldnt even see his face but when they brought him to me i knew he was the one.
Out of the whole litter of calicos he was the only one from a different father i didn't find out cats could do that till recently he was a maine coon cat.
Also the old school kind he had an extra toe on his front paws so it looked like he had mittens!
The lady who brought him said it was a girl but im like listen this cat has balls he is not a girl!
So his first name was chester which didn't stick then rooster(dont ask) then butterstufff (stoner friends) then lastly Lucifer. He was in no way a real devil he loved everybody but one guy i dated and he was a big cuddler he would always wanna sleep on my pillow in my face and he snored and would vibrate my bed not fun!
But i loved him he was my favorite pet i ever had and the closest thing i'll ever have to a son lol.
I had him for almost six years....
When we had to sell the house nobody could take him and i couldnt take him where i had to move so they brought him to the animal shelter. It was one of the rare times i actually cried.
I still miss him and wonder what ever happend to him.
My boyfriend actually has cats and tells me they can be mine to but its not the same,someday id like to get another kitty of my own.
I know this is a random long drawn on blog thats pretty lame but i wanted to get that out iv been thinking about him lately
Theres a pic at the top kinda blurry from a cam phone his eyes were green but at random times they would go all jet black i guess he had to live up to his name sometimes lol

Strawberry Cupcakes on $12 For a Dozen

Huge sale this weekend but i marked down the strawberry ones even more . I bought these great juicy sweet strawberries from this farm for the wedding yesterday and have soo many left over so i slashed the price to $12 for a dozen . If you just want 6 i can do 6 for $6 just let me know first and ill put up a listing for you heres the link to the cupcakes

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Sale Thursday Through Sunday

This Thursday through Sunday I'm having a huge sale on selected items !
I'm doing a wedding this weekend so in the spirit of my good mood i put allot of things on sale.
I'm also having a problem re listing on etsy since my check hasn't cleared yet hence I'm late on my bill. So if anybody would re post this sale or mention it on blog or twitter or anything that would be great and I'll send you free treats with your next order or a coupon you choose!
Thanks Kittens and wish me luck this weekend I'm off to bake over a hundred chocolate chip cookies!
Here are some of the items for sale!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy Owl Lady

So we all have heard of the crazy cat lady, well one day I'll be the crazy owl lady .
Since i can remember i have always loved owls, my mom told me my love for owls came from the painting below when i first started talking.
I pretty much want a whole house full of owl items the cute ones though there are plenty of ugly and weird ones out there as well.
Thank god I'm not single and hopefully won't when I'm older cause if i was a guy and i walked into a girls house with owl stuff everywhere i would run.
Below is my small collection thus far if you make anything owl related let me know!

My First Giveaway/ Contest

This is my first official giveaway I'm hosting by myself!
It's also a contest the winner will get a sample package including my newest cupcakes!
This giveaway is also open to everyone in the UK except you'll be getting cookies because of the freshness factor on cupcakes.
So here's how to enter I'm going to ask you guys a question and i want you to respond in a comment and then I'll be picking the best answer and anybody that tweets,or blogs,or promotes my contest will get a special coupon for my shop.
So here's the question If you had one week to live what would you do and why??
Now this is kind of depressing question but the other night i was thinking about all the things i still wanted to do in my life and I'm curious to see what everybody else would do.
I'll also post my answer to the question when i announce the winner!
This contest ends August 4Th and ill announce the winner the next day.
(let me know in an email or your comment if your promoted this so i can send you your coupon)
Thanks Everybody and good Luck!!

Also i made my first non mini fondant cake for my cousins 20Th birthday last week and wanted to share,she used to love ocean things when we were little so i went with that theme.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Calling all new artists or anyone looking for promoting!!

I'm doing a bridal convention in mid august and I'm making goody bags i had a great idea when i was reading an article in the etsy news letter about helping and promoting each other.
So I'm looking for people who wanna add samples with their business cards or logos attached to the gift bags I'm going to be making little cookie boxes to give out to go in the bags.
This is a great idea to get big orders and sales there will be over a hundred brides and potential future brides. I'll pay for shipping on them or a very low price to cover some costs cause i know its tough starting out.
Also I'm doing a door prize box I'm looking for a new seller who makes bird cage veils i think that would be a great addition to the box and I'll also add your business cards to the bags.
That I'm willing to pay a little more for.
If anybody is interested leave me a comment on here or email me at
Id especially love to hear from new shops and sellers id really love to help boost your sales!

Friday, July 10, 2009

New and Feature Item Candy Coated Cupcakes

So i saw a similar idea in a wedding magazine with just plain white chocolate and i loved it and also what a great idea to ship real frosting with it getting all over the place .
I think i may end of doing a tutorial on these .
They are just so cute idea, i test shipped these to the last minute giveaway winner and they showed up in tact.
So here they are :

Sorry for the bad pic and they are a bit messy looking i was in a rush doing them.
You can pick the flavors of the cake ,frosting,and chocolate coating.
They are for sale in my shop for $17.99
I'm offering a special price for all my blog followers of $15.99
so convo me on etsy before purchase and ill change the price.

Also new cookies

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brooklyn for The Fourth

So i ventured over the bridge this past weekend for the fourth of July to stay with my two best friends.
Lets Just say the highlight was the shopping lol!

I got this cute red and grey polka dot cardigan($22.00 on sale) and the yellow beret($12 ) at :
Brooklyn Industries

Then we checked out some vintage stores the first one was perfect great prices and older stuff and great find i got that red plaid ruffle shirt from the 70's there for only $15. We went to another one but it was all 80's stuff and way to over priced.

The light weight cream scarf($18) and coral sunglasses ($12) came from my new favorite store its like etsy meets anthopolgie and better yet the girls that work there so sweet i even got some great tattoo place names from the girl who rung me up .
That's stores called Flirt.
They are on fifth ave in Brooklyn check them out !
Website for

The Dresses!
I've been on the hunt for a floral tea party like dress for when i cater weddings and just cause i want one! lol. I really wanted a vintage one but never could find the right one.
While shopping i literally stopped in my tracks to look at the first dress it was perfect!
We went in but they were closing so we went back Sunday morning so i took a look at the price tag $249 as much as i would love to have that kinda money lying around to drop i don't lol.
I'm still starting my own business so i was sad to say i couldn't get it.
The day before we had seen another dress i liked so i went to go try it on it looked great and was on sale for $76 . The store had some great stuff and some okay stuff the only complaint i had was the staff they were kinda that snobby retail staff that i really hate lol.
That store is called Lucia.

Also another great part of the weekend was this baby girl phebes .
Shes half boxer and half pit bull she's such a sweetie i love her!

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