Monday, August 31, 2009

Attention philly,ny,nj bloggers

I thought it would be a really fun idea to invite my fellow followers and bloggers out with me and a few of my friends for my birthday weekend in Philadelphia .
I currently reside in NJ so anyone in the areas of NJ or NY and philly or anyone who wants to travel is invited .
Saturday night I'm going to be renting a suit we are all going to dinner then coming back for my mini party. I'll be making a pretty cupcake tower myself and I'm recruiting 2 very talented cookie makers to do custom cookies for my party.
Amber from sweet ambs
and Maryann cookieartisan on flickr .
Then Sunday i wanna head over to the zoo and check out some cupcake shops and explore around so if anybody has some good suggestions as well please let me know id love to check out some cute places.
I picked my theme for my party as well because I'm a total theme whore i cant help it . Owls and Laduree.
I know they don't really go together but i found a way to make it work.
I'm using mint green gold and lavender as my colors .
So id love anybody who wants to ,to join me plus id really like to meet some fellow bloggers so leave me a comment with your email and ill send you more info and feel free to re post this to anyone else you know who would wanna come

Sunday, August 30, 2009


As i said in my last post i love the early mid nineties esp the music and movies which brings me to
It's one of my favorite movies and i just turned on the TV and it was on a just started woohoo!
Okay so despite the physical abuse and cheating Mark Walberg in that movie so sexy.
I love the violent type as long as its not against me so i can look past his psycho- ness .

Plus look how cute resse witherspoon looks!
I mean he only tried to kill her dad and friends cause he loved her so much right ?lol

Sunday Morning Track One

Last Sunday was one of those days where you just wake up and know its not going to be okay. Just one of those mornings .
Awhile for no reason or special occasion my boyfriend gave me a CD case full of burned Cd's that i had wanted from his collection but also 3 mixed Cd's one classic rock and 2 early 90s alternative rock.
The moment i heard both Cd's fully i couldn't have been any more in love with him with each song i got to my face just lit up even more .
He had only knew for a fact i liked about 4 songs on there the rest were his choice for me. I guess you could say I'm a sucker for music but in my eyes it really made me fall even more in love with him.
So i turned the CD on at first just sitting and listening to it and as each song came on i found myself getting happier and happier ,it had completely turned my dreary sad Sunday around.
Here are the tracks on both Cd's minus a few songs(sorry or the long list)

1. The Wallflowers :One head light
2.The Spin Doctors :Two princes
3.Third Eye Blind:Semi Charmed
4.Garbage :Special
5.Eagle Eye Cherry:Save Tonight <3>
6.Blind Melon:No Rain
7.The Counting Crows:Mr Jones
8.The presidents of the united states:Video killed the radio star
9.Toadies:Possum Kingdom
11.Butthole surfers:Pepper
12:Mazzy Star:Fade into you
13.Semisonic:Closing Time
14.Blessed Union of soul:She likes me for me
15.Everclear :Santa Monica
16.Better Than Ezra: Desperately wanting
17.Spin Doctors:Little miss cant be wrong
18.Hootie and the blowfish:I go blind
19.The gin blossoms: Hey jealousy
20.R.E.M:end of the world
I love you boyfriend your fucking awesome !

So for those who don't know I'm a total sucker for the early-mid nineties i remember watching clueless thinking i cant wait to go to college men in plaid coffee houses and alt rock what else could you want. Instead when i got to college it was frat parties and the date rape drug had just come out .
Josh from clueless was the perfect man in my eyes back then.
Now its just Paul Rudd himself lol

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New items

Monday i open back up my etsy shop im finally almost finished with all the orders i needed to catch up on .
Ive got load of Halloween stuff coming as well including pumpkin cupcakes made to look like pumpkins.
Here some of the new goodies that will be in the shop come Monday!
Chocolate Mint Truffles
Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

So its all rainy and gloomy today , i have a wedding to cater tonight she wanted to have an outdoor garden wedding i feel bad she wont get to have that.
Well I'm off to frost cupcakes
tootles kittens

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sept Giveaway and new Treats

So this is a little early but i have a wedding order and baby shower order this weekend so ill put it up now. This months giveaway is a dozen monogram Halloween/fall cookies . You can pick your own shape i have 30 Halloween cutters to pick from. I created these cookies for Halloween wedding cookie favors but they work for party favors as well. If your having a Halloween/fall wedding and wanna enter to win ill also over you a discount on a larger order on top of the free dozen.

Heres how to enter leave a comment with your favorite Halloween costume or memory and Oct 1st ill use random drawing and pick the winner!

Here's some other treats Ive made in the last week :Cupcake wedding favors i did for a local customer who found me on etsy
Playing around with extra frosting and gum paste
The middle one is for my lovely stoner boyfriend those are our initials

The little black thing is a royal icing lady bug

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Wish List and Giveaway Winner

I know its only a birthday and 23 is really a big deal but i cant help it i love any excuse to have a party get dressed up and plan some sort of theme.
Surprisingly I'm already being asked what i want even though my birthdays not till next month cause apparently I'm really hard to shop for so i made a list i can link them to and also cause if i don't ill forget them lol.
Tyson Mcadoo Tshirt i want all of them lol

Cute Cupcake Boyshorts

Pretty Jars for my studio saw these on etsy

the owl mistress print
Classic Black kit kat clock

amazing measuring spoons i saw in bakerellas blogs
Cool cupcke gadget
Nine West Rucha pumps

Okay onto the winner!!
Frame Giveaway Winner!!
Everyday is a holiday
She has an amazing shop on etsy and awesome blog as well check it out .

Monday, August 24, 2009


Every time my grandma hears Frank Sinatra she cries.
Now let me tell you a bit more my grandmother is 96 and on good days she can barely remember who her daughters are but when she hears frank she starts to cry it reminds her of my grandfather who passed away going on 20 years this year.
As sad as this is i think there's something so sweet and romantic about it my grandfather was the love of her life and he treated her like a queen even before he had two penny's to rub together as they say.
I have this theory that love died with our parents and the generation after that ,people talk about how the divorce rate rose . I think as the world got lazy so did people i truly believe our grandparents generation really tried and worked hard at marriage and that's whats its supposed to be not just get divorced so quickly over silly things.
Granted not everybody is like this but I'm hoping since it seems our generation is starting families alot younger like they did then maybe we can be the ones to stop being lazy .
I don't know as sad as it is i hope to have that kinda love one day .
I would never in a million years want my boyfriend and one day husband to die but just that kind of love if that makes sense . This weekend my mother went away so i went to take care of my grandma and walked in on her crying and it just made me think of this whole rant.
I can be a huge cold bitch but i guess deep down I'm a romantic aren't we all?

Baking Books and giveaway update

So i just just purchased Organic and Chic by Sarah Magid on and I'm waiting on Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen to become available its out of stock for pre order. I love beautiful cake books I'm still looking for some good cupcake ones as well. I'm also redecorating my room so if anybody knows any good inspiration blogs for interior design leave me a comment with the link.
So while i have you here this months Frame giveaway didn't get allot of entries so ill leave it up for a few days if you guys wanna enter here's the post link

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday It Is

This morning started off a little stressful but its my first day off in weeks so i intend to try and relax and get some things done!
I started on redoing/renovating my room its much needed , i want a room i can relax and be happy in. I started by clearing out some stuff and moving things around and finally hanging some art.
This will most like be a long and slow process especially since I'm broke right now lol.
I picked a color to paint my room i have been obsessed with mint green and figured its just light enough but still vibrant and cheerful. I found a color in the Martha Stewart collection by valspar called Afternoon Delight how perfect of a name is that i love you Martha.
Its similar to this color:
If anybody knows any good design blogs i need some inspiration and also what colors go with mint aside from pinks and blues

Here's some cookies Ive done in the past few weeks hadn't had time to post them:

Birthday Warning
So from now till my birthday Sept 20Th ill probably be talking about the planning and such .
I'm a total plan ahead person and every year i try to make my birthday amazing for once and normally fail so hopefully this year we can change it.
Since my brokeness is an issue i am going to making my own cupcakes sadly i wanted to have someone do them for me but one i cant find one and two its probably better if i save money do it myself. So now I'm on a quest for a theme or ideas id really like to do a small cupcake tower with mint green but cant figure out what other color/colors to do.
I'm going to go search a lil now

Hope Everybody Has a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Kitchen

I am not one those people that say oh i prefer a small quaint home,not not me.
I don't want a house i want an estate ! lol
The room i love most is the kitchen and i have an idea of my dream kitchen .
I would have to have it built for me i don't think my mix of styles would already be in a kitchen i could find in a house somewhere.
I like spending time in the kitchen and entertaining in the kitchen,so i want the kitchen to be very big and closed off i hate open kitchens.
Most importantly i want a big island in the middle and 2-3 ovens,a walk in pantry and a big window over the sink. I hate those big metal kitchens its to cold for me i want something more comfortable but still beautiful. Color green! lime or mint and i want those clear glass cabinets.
Here's some beauties i stumbled across on a google search.

A bar in the kitchen amazing!


So Ive been seeing alot of stuff on swapping so i decided to have a fancy lady swap.
If you wanna be part of it leave a comment and mid Sept the deadline will end and i will match everybody up with their partners!
So sign up guys this should be fun!

Wedding Convention

Yesterday was the wedding my first wedding convention .
I was super stressed and nervous esp since in the days leading up i have been swamped with orders. I didn't get to do the grand cupcake tower i wanted to do but the small cute one i threw together in just enough time was a big hit. I was up at 7 am making all the samples and display cupcakes and getting everything ready by the nights end i was exhausted.
It was the elegant bridal expo at the Renaissance hotel in Rutherford NJ it was really nice .
I got there and set up and my friend Justin was my assistant fancy lady for the night.
I snapped a few pictures but ill have better ones in a few days.
I didn't book any orders yesterday but i met allot of future brides and clients allot of great girls and actually met allot of great vendors as well overall i had a really great time and think it was a success I'm already planning my next one!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The trick is to keep breathing

In the words of the garbage song
"The trick is to keep breathing"
I know it sounds kinda silly but that song and that line has helped me out time and time again.
I'm jam packed with orders this weekend and frankly till Sept which is a good thing except I'm a one woman show so it gets kinda hard doing it all yourself.
I've been thinking about hiring an assistant but here lies the problems .
1. I'm super picky and anal about the way i do things I'm a perfectionist so trying to hire someone would be a challenge. I end up taking more time trying to teach them the right way to do it lol.
2. I may have alot of business right now but I'm super broke starting a business is costly and it takes a while before you really see profit from it so right now everything goes right back in.
Those are the 2 major problems i would have but I'm really not sure ,id love some advice from anybody who has been in this situation or just anybody really.

Fall Treats Update !!
Halloween is my favorite holiday in fact i wanna get married on Halloween yes i know its cliche but for years i always hid the "weird" side of me so Halloween was my favorite time because i could let it all out. Now that i am more grown up i embrace the weird side and merged the creepy girl and the girly girl who loves tea and tea parties to become The Fancy Lady i am today.
But Halloween still remains my favorite holiday (sorry for the emo rant lol)
So in the next 2 weeks ill be making 3-4 new cupcake flavors for the fall!!
and also an assortment of fall and Halloween cookies which ill be having an early Halloween cookie giveaway at the end of this month!!!
So i wanna hear what you guys wanna see shapes of cookies and flavors of cupcakes??
Who knows maybe the new flavor will be named after you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


When i was a little girl i always wanted to be french i don't that ever really changed lol, but in the past few years i started to learn more about my back round and culture.
I'm half Italian and half Filipino though if you looked at me i don't look either I'm pretty much look like your average white girl.
There are a few people that say i have a different look to me but Ive yet to see it.
I'm pretty much ashamed of the Italian part i think mostly because of the Italian Americans that populate NJ and NY area, the typical Guido.
My father and grandmother were both born in the Philippines i always remember my grandmother telling us stories about her life back there and growing up.
She has 9 brothers and sisters and one identical twin sister all of her family disowned her when she married my grandpa and move to the us its really sad to think about it.
In the past few years i started to learn more about the culture and id really like to visit one day.
She tried to teach me and my younger cousin Tagalog when we were little i really wish i would have cared to learn because its something different to know and now she doesn't even remember how to speak it.
I think both of my back round influence my cooking and baking and Ive discovered alot of great recipes and ways to cook things i didn't know before.
I still wouldn't say I'm proud of my heritage well at least not the Italian side but i do appreciated it alot more.
I asked my boyfriend his mainly to figure out how he got so handsome lol
He's polish English and french that explains it all i said,now i must learn to cook perogies .
(if anybody has a good recipe let me know lol)

So now id like to ask my fellow bloggers whats your heritage? where were you born? and are you proud of it I'm always curious to hear.
Goodnight for now my kittens !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Adventure

One of my favorite things to do is go on adventures in my book that means drive around aimlessly finding amazing new places .
I had been feeling pretty down lately so Saturday we decided to head over to this antique shop we had seen before and also go for a little drive since its over an hour away.
It was a beautiful day out in the morning but when we ventured out of course it got dreary.
None the less we went to Warwick NY hidden behind main street is another street it kinda reminds me on the shops in Savannah in the cute pretty parts.
Also we headed over to sugar loaf which used to be this amazing village started by hippies but now is slowly going to shit. It makes me sad if i lived around there i would rent space and open up a shop its for lease and when talking to one of the shop people they thought it would be a good idea for a young person to open something there.
Its kinda a forgotten town someone my age or just anyone who knows how to get out the word could reopen that place to be what it used to be...
Oh well maybe one day
For now i leave you with pics i took that day also the mural is my favorite its painted onto a barn on a back road i don't know who did it but i finally took a pic!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Surprise For my Followers

Each month I'm going to choose at random one of my followers and send them a special care package with treats from both my shops.
Its going to be a complete surprise I'm not going to post who gets it you'll just get a random message from me ill be picking this months follower/blogger on Tuesday so look out for a special email!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tasty Treats Update

I just wanted to take the time and update you on the business front,Ive strayed away in the last few blogs because frankly i like keeping my blog diverse not just about baking.
Well till the end of august I'm completely booked in etsy orders and 2 weddings to lovely brides at the end of the month.
I'm also doing my first wedding convention aug 18th so I'm preparing for that as well.
I have got sucked into the handmade world lol I've always been a crafter but lately any free time i have is being put towards learning to make something new, i really wish i had better friends closer to me to share it with.
I'm so very excited right now to be so busy its great to feel like your really succeeding in life instead of failing like usual lol.
I wanna thank all my new and first followers and also the sweet ladies who included me in their giveaways for all your support and kind words,it really means allot .
I'll be updating with new pics very soon of all my fun sweets and treats.

Also anybody who makes wedding stuff wanna contribute to my goody bag for the wedding expo you don't have to be local either just anyone who needs free advertising leave me a comment its coming up soon.

Don't forget to check out this months giveaway of beautiful frames I'm offering shipping to all over the world so feel free to enter!

Next months giveaway I'm really really excited about its going to be fancy lady t-shirts ill update you on that very soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fall Shopping at anthropolgie

Here are some things id like to get for fall from one of my favorite stores .
key word like to get well see if i have the money lol

The coat and the hat are my top favorites!
I wanna go shopping!!!

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