Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween In Philly

Happy Halloween Everybody!
Its technically Halloween so I'm doing my post now because I'll be in Philadelphia all day tomorrow I'm catering cupcakes to a Halloween wedding there , I was really excited to make these since they are right up my alley. I used fondant toppers and liquid luster dust and stamped the toppers in owls spiders bats and cats. The trial run went great i used the green i already had and ordered the black for the wedding well the black didn't work the same so today i spent 4 hours hand painting in the stamp outlines for the toppers lol.
Another reason I'm really excited is after i deliver them I'm going to the mutter museum of medical science which i have wanted to go to for years .
They house all these crazy medical oddities and other interesting items perfect for Halloween.
After that my mom who's accompanying me on this trip wants to try the cheese steak place she saw on the food network so that should be interesting lol.
I'll be taking lots of pics of the cupcakes and wedding and the museum .
Hope everybody has a great Halloween!!!

Sunken Garden Beads

I got this beautiful necklace in the mail the other day from sunken garden beads on etsy. I used my friend Megan as my model .
Erin the owner has a great shop full of beautiful jewelry and great photography of
them as well.

Her earrings are so pretty they make me wanna go out and get mine pierced just so i can wear them lol

30% of her profits go to support the library at College Avenue Baptist Church to help support and provide new books .

You can find her on

Facebook ~

Twitter ~

Blog ~

You can buy her stuff on etsy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jeans To Splurge or not to????

I love anthropologie jeans but unless on sale i don't normally wanna spend the money on them.
These look perfect but they are $169 so the question is should i splurge and invest in them?
I need your opinions are a good pair of jeans worth that much ??
Anybody know if the jeans there are good?

My First Blog Award

I was nomintated by the lovely debra of Write on target thank you Debra (
This is my first blog award im excited its the Kreative Blog award.
I have to nominate 7 others as well and follow these rules
1) Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.
2) Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog.
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
5) Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6) Notify your 7 bloggers.

7 things you don't know about me hmmm??
1.I live with my grandparents yes sadly i do when i came back from school my mom lost our house and she moved in with her mother and i couldn't afford a place in nj by myself is really expensive to live in such a shit hole like NJ so i moved in with my dads parents thank god i work all the time so im never home lol.
2. I may be a Fancy Lady but i curse like a truck driver i have class and i know when and where to keep it under wraps but when i don't have to i have a bit of a cursing problem lol.
3. I was a makeup artist for awhile while going to school i did some free lancing for extra money.
4.I'm the worlds pickiest eater and I don't eat sweets that much i taste everything i make just to make sure its good but i really never eat it i don't really like chocolate except maybe for once a month lol.
5.My nails are always painted lol sorry running out of things my nails are long naturally no fake ones for me Ive had people look under my nails to check because they don't believe me .
I don't get them done to save money i do them myself but i always paint them reds and purples mostly.
6. I HATE pink , unlike most girls i can't stand the color pink you will never see me in pink ,for me pink is only okay in small bits.
7.I have a really really bad temper and have been know to clock a b$tch from time to time, i inherited my dads violent temper lol I can be really nice and it actually takes alot to make me really mad but when i do get mad I'm scary lol

Time to nominate 7 kittens for the award
1.She Draws
2.Frenchie and Flea
3.Haptree and Me
4.Judy in her natural Habitat
5.Lolita Charm
6.Amy bakes and sews
7.Mermaid in a manhole

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

giveaway to check out

Beautiful lace necklace giveaway head over to :
and check it out

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Secret Comic Book Dork

Yes I'm talking about me lol, something not alot of people know about me is my secret love for comic books. It didn't start when i was little either i think it was toward the end of high school.
I was the typical barbie kinda little girl ,although i did watch the old bat man show and cartoon and xmen but i always wanted to get more into comics which didn't happen till later .
Anyhow I'm still no huge buff i know some stuff but I'm not super obsessed,Ive been dying to go to comicon for the last few years but sadly nobody will go with me .
My favorite comics are Batman (although i prefer marvel over dc) and tank girl.
I also prefer the villains in comics lol my favorite batman villain Harley Quin shes one hot comic.
As far as the movies go the first 2 Batman's are the best in my opinion .
I HATE the new Batman's with a passion and i refuse to see dark knight or any other new Batman's unless they change batman because i despise Christian Bale.
Theres a batman marathon on this week ill be watching that lol.
So am i alone anybody else like comics and who's your favorite villain of all time??

Custom Clutch Giveway

So i gave my clutch the ultimate test run i dumped everything from my purse into it and have been using it ever since its super sturdy so since I'm super excited about this i wanna do a giveaway and the winner gets to design their own.
Pick your fabric and ribbon !
Here's how to enter follow my blog and leave me a comment of what your must haves to carry in you purse are.
You get 2 extra entries for following me on twitter
You get 2 entries for tweeting it
and 3 entries for blogging.
Leave a separate comment for each and link me back if you blog.
Good Luck Kittens!
Giveaway Ends nov 9th

Tuesdays Winners!

First the cupcake ponytail holder using the random number generator .
Penny Lane!

The two winners for the fancy lady tshirt giveaway using the random number generator.
#6 Bug!
#9 popple79
I'll be contacting you to find out your size and design choice

Congrats Ladies Next Week I'll announce the apron giveaway winner and I'll have some more giveaways for you this week so stay tuned.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Favor Boxes

I'm always on the quest to find favor boxes for events that i do.
I got in the mail the other week a sample favor box Designer Favors on etsy so I wanted to share.
She has a great shop full of favor boxes for all occasions .
They are painted and she can make custom ones as well.

Her shop is and her blog

Etsy cupcake monday feature

Mondays Etsy Cupcake Picks -Cupcake cat nip toys - Adorable Cupcake charm necklace Swallow and cupcake necklace - Owl and cupcake pillow(my 2 favorite things) Cupcake tape Cupcake Bag Cupcake note cards

If any of you are on swapbot I'm hosting a cupcake swap package if you wanna check that out.
If your not already on swapbot its free to sign up

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cupcake Clutch

So I'm a really big crafter but Ive never been to good at sewing so the other day when i was watching Martha and i heard a no sew tote bag i paid attention.
The author of the book simply sublime bags wrote a whole book on no sew and low sew bag projects. I was going to make the large tote bag with my mom but forgot the handles so i decided to make this smaller tote with some cupcake fabric i got at the Joanne fabrics.
I was super proud I'm thinking about adding some to the shop so i want your opinion .
Would you buy something like this?? ,i won't start selling them till i master it but ill probably start with a giveaway of one of them.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green Art

So ive been slowly collecting things to redo my room and was looking for art when i found this awesome print on etsy i immediatly bought it because i fell in love with it.
She also does portraits which i think i want of me and the boyfriend for chritsmas that would be awesome

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Roundup

Okay so we have alot of giveaways right now and some end soon so don't forget to enter.

Hand Maiden's Cottage Lingerie Print Apron Giveaway ends Nov 2nd

Fancy Lady T-Shirt giveaway ends Tuesday so don't forget to enter!
You get your choice of size and also you get to pick btw the logo above and my new logo below

Cute Cupcake Pony tail holder giveaway ends Tuesday as well

and last but not least something I'm very excited about

Create your own cupcake contest
I'm having the winner gets a dozen free cupcakes of their creation

These are a custom cookie order i made for a baby shower last week i think they turned out pretty cute .

A Very Etsy Christmas and secret santa swap

This year i had the idea to do a series called a very etsy Christmas this means I will be buying all my Christmas presents this year on etsy.
Its kinda like a challenge for me to only buy from etsy.
I really do love buying from there i can find alot more special and unique things that i can't find at the mall.
This year my list consists of my 3 best friends ,my best friends little girl,my boyfriend ,mom,dad,and a special surprise for one of my followers .
I started today, i wanna have all my shopping done by the end of the 1st week in November because December will be hectic when you sell cookies and cupcakes December is a crazy time lol.
Another idea i had is doing a Secret Santa Blog Swap ,anybody that would like to participate in this will be able to sign up and then i will randomly match everybody with their secret Santa partner. I should really call it a holiday swap so its open to all religions ill be posting it mid November but leave a comment and ill send you an email when i set it up.
I'm actually planning to be away for Christmas this year probably from Christmas to new years fingers crossed . I'll be spending it with my boyfriend and meeting his family for the first time (scary nervous!)
Wish me luck on that i really don't wanna be home with my family this year I'm not so fond of the extended family lol.
So lets hear from you guys what are your Christmas plans even though its early ???

Now lets get back to my favorite holiday Halloween ill be picking at random one of my followers to receive this adorable Halloween toy from target the green puppy one so be looking out for an email today.
I'll be using the random number generator

Happy Friday Everybody and have a good weekend kittens!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Italian Cookies

So im half Italian but i grew up around all my Italian family so there were lots of Italian cookies .
My aunt Millie her real name Carmella (they changed her and my grandmas name when they went to school the teachers did because their names were to Italian sounding lol) she used to make Pizzelles they are a thin cookie made with a press they were so good .
After she died a few years ago i never had one again i saw them in some markets but they just didn't look good.
Then the other week i found a seller on etsy who sent me some to try.
I was so excited i haven't had these in years i got them in the mail and immediately tried one and when i saw my mom later on i gave her one to. They were so good i added some powdered sugar because that's the way i always had them.
La Prima Dolce Vita on etsy is where i got makes them in classic vanilla ,chocolate,spicy chocolate ,pumpkin and a few others . She also has sesame cookies which are my favorite I'm going to place an order for those very soon check her shop out on etsy.

So while i have you here head over to this blog and enter this awesome tie giveaway today is the last day to enter!

Strawberry Fields

I got the cutest clips in the mail the other day from ljejpantoja1 on etsy.
They are meant for little girls but i think anybody can wear them i wore them the second day i had them lol i need to take some pics.
They are the perfect size to clip my bangs to the side or just wear on the other side for cuteness factor lol.
She makes the cutest little clips and also diaper cakes which are great for baby showers.
and tutus everybody loves a tutu lol

You can find her shop at etsy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Create Your Own Cupcake Contest!!!

Create your own cupcake contest!

I thought it would be really fun to have a contest a create your own cupcake contest.
The winner will receive a dozen of their cupcakes and get to pick the name of them and they will be added to my shop and flavor list.
Heres how this will work all you have to do is give me a flavor combo you would love to have and then a creative name you would call them.
You don't need to give me a recipe i will create one just for your cupcakes and also post it so everyone can try it at home.
Just leave a comment with your idea ,name for it and email so i can contact you.
Anybody who wants to tweet or blog this will receive a coupon for my shop so make sure to let me know if you do!
So lets here your ideas!

Kid Say the greatest sh$t!

Morning kittens !
I woke up this morning to find this on my doorstep of my studio
I won a copy of Matthew Mead's Halloween book for this year from they have great baking decorating stuff they pick a winner everyday i was so excited i really wanted this , i have to say half the book disappointed me its basically drawing faces on everything you can lol the rest of the book is good more towards the back.
Also speaking of Halloween i might not be doing anything since I'm catering a wedding on Halloween but if i do I'll be going as little red riding hood I'm thinking of getting a dress like this .
Okay now to the post title My mom was talking to her friend at work and she has a 5 year old son Seth(love that name). She was telling her they were in the doctors office and he started talking to this guy in there and he said to him whats your name so he said Seth the guy goes Jeff?
So Seth turns to him and says no its Seth S E T H okay lets spell it out say it with me SETH!
I wish i would have been there for that hes only 5 he might be my favorite kid ever lol.

This morning i shipped out my care package for this months surprise winner i pick one of my bloggers every month to send something special to so today ill be picking next months follower to get a care package so check your inbox it might just be you .

So tell me what everybody going to be for Halloween this year??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Panty Giveaway and More cupcake goodies and giveaway

The winner of the Victoria Secret Cupcake Panty giveaway is ....

Coincidentally she was also on my list of sellers who had sent me items to review(i didn't rig this lol)

She sent me these cute cupcake magnents i think i need to go get a magnet board to put these on. She has a lovely shop full of more goodies like these and also this adorable pony tail holder which were also giving away this week.
To enter leave a comment telling me what item in her shop is your favorite.
You get 2 extra entries just for following her blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Need Help! cupcake ideas

A few weeks ago i entered the ny cake convention this year they have a cupcake compettion ill be doing the stuffed cupcakes its in January so i have time but i like to plan ahead.
I'm stumped as to which of my cupcakes to make i don't know if i should go with classic favorite flavors or do something more exotic anybody have any opinions what kind of stuffed cupcake would you wanna try??
Thats the website if you wanna check it out and if you wanna stop by let me know ill bring you a cupcake!

HandMaidens Cottage Apron Giveaway and Interview

Morning kittens hope your having a great Monday even though Monday is not the best day lol.
I'm so excited this morning to announce my Favorite Apron Maker on etsy is offering a giveaway through my blog for all you lovely bloggers.
I'm also doing a interview with her shes such a sweetheart so here it is!
Purple font is Lynn and I'm the green font

1.So tell us a bit about your self whats your name where are you from?

I'm Lynn and I love living the creative life! I am inspired by our little cottage that sits on over two acres only a stone's throw away from the City limits of our small community. I grew up in the country near my Grandparent's dairy farm only five miles away from where I live now. I have managed to travel a little in between!
I am the mother of twins and the grandmother of three precious children and another coming: Brianna (6), Alivia (2) and Noah, 11 months, and Christopher is on his way.
I share my life and home with a wonderful man, Brad, an Architect, who is so creative in his right and so very supportive in my work.

2.Are you a full timer on etsy or do you have another shop ,if so what do you do?
I am a full-timer!
I have a liberal arts degree from a Jesuit University and my career was in finance. I am so lucky to have found my true passion now. I've been doing all types of needlework since I was a child and feel like I've finally "come home."

3. Where did you come up with the name for your shop and what inspired you to start making aprons and all the other pretty items you make?
Well, the “Cottage” part is easy to explain…that’s the style of our home.

There’s a little more to the “Handmaiden” part. I guess the simplest way of putting it is that it’s a dedication to Mary, the ultimate “Mother” in my eyes and to remind me everyday that I am in service to God and others through my work. I believe that God, working through the Universe, is the source of my creativity.

I’m not sure why I started making aprons, I don’t even wear aprons, but I love them. My long history with aprons started with my Polish Grandma, who was never without one! I love finding vintage aprons that have been worn and worked in to the point where they are in the poorest condition and I remake them.

4. What is your favorite apron you have ever made?(include a pic if you can lol)

I guess this is my favorite!

Lisa wanted a cupcake half apron as a gift to motivate her sister-in-law to cook more...Aunt Ruthie ( had me embroider "Sugar Pie" on the pocket and at Kelly's request, I turned a cute half apron into the "full flirty."

So, this is the end result!
(this is her by the way shes one hot grandma)

5.What do you like to do on your time off any hobbies?
Time off, what’s that?
I am a volunteer Master Gardener (well the "Master" part is quite a stretch) through the Ohio State University Extension Office in our area and gardening is also one of my great loves, especially flower gardening. My mother (whom I dearly miss) had a very, very green thumb!

6. Okay everybody gets this one if you could pick 3 people dead or alive to have dinner with who would it be and why.
This is a tough one:
Well, I would have to say my Mother, who passed away 4 years ago. Besides, if I don’t she’ll yell at me!! Haha. I’d just love to sit with her again and have a bowl of her homemade Chicken Noodle soup.
Mary, the Handmaiden, of course…for obvious reasons.

Next would be St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals, because I love animals…also, he was kind of a rich playboy who changed his entire life and became an advocate for nature and the poor. I admire that!
This is the super pretty and sweet Lynn

Giveaway Time!

Okay now all you guys have a chance to win this amazing lingerie print apron.

Here's how to enter go to and tell me which apron of hers in your favorite.
You must be a follower of my blog to enter.
You get 2 extra entries for for tweeting this link me to your twitter.
You get 4 entries for blogging this also link me to your post.
This is also open to international followers ill ship this anywhere
Good Luck
Giveaway ends 2 weeks from today Nov 2nd

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