Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I've Been Baking

I finally uploaded some pics from the past 2 weeks of projects i thought id share!
Turtle Cookies for a baby shower

Red Velvet Cupcakes for wedding favors

Flower Cookies for Glam bags for
Wedding Favor sample cookie

Mail order cupcakes packaged up and ready go
Mini cookies for

Ruths Fun Shop!!!

I was lucky enough to get a chance to review this lovely shop on etsy.
I got the most adorable mint scented cupcake soaps in this cute little box.
She makes a plethora of soaps in the most adorable shapes ive ever seen.
Since christmas time is upon us these would make a great little gift or stocking stuffer or even for party favors and they come in lots of scents and she also has some great bath salts as well.

Check out

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rachel Ray Giveaway

Rachael Ray's Book of 10: More Than 300 Recipes to Cook Every Day

Today for black friday I'm giving away this Rachel ray book i acquired an extra when i went to see Martha when she was on so i decided to share one with you guys.
How to enter :
Leave a comment telling me what your black friday must have was today what did you wake up at 5 am for?? Or did you just skip it and relax.
You must follow my blog to enter.
Please leave your email address as well.
2 extra entries for blogging about this please leave a separate comment and link back .
5 extra entries for any purchases made in my etsy shop this weekend ( Leave a comment for that as well with your etsy user name
Ends dec 1st midnight east coast time

Black Friday Cookie Sale!!! and free gift

Today starts my black friday cookie sale on selected cookies on my etsy all holiday cookie are on sale or have free shipping. And all custom cookie orders are only $22 a dozen normally $26.
Every follower of my blog will Receive a free gift with purchase during checkout just mention you follow!
Vintage Christmas Card cookies $30 with free shipping
Star of David Cookies $24 a dozen

$22 a dozen (the last 3 photos are by Photos by Christian p Photography

All holiday cookies come with a decorative box and all purchases made this weekend enter you into the Rachel Ray Cook Book Giveaway !
Happy Shopping Kittens! to purchase

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Today I'm doing a little inspiration for winter wonderland theme wedding.
I used to want one of these but i like more color and the fall so for now ill just show you some inspiration!!

You cant have a winter wedding without a sleigh!

Martha Stewart wedding cake and flowers

Faux Fur Cape for the bridesmaids by:
Brides Maid Dresses by Betsy Johnson

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving with Martha

I thought id share some ideas for tables for thanksgiving from Martha Stewart these are a few of my favs I'm sadly not having a thanksgiving this year but ill be doing a big Christmas day dinner with a pretty table which ill do a post on showing how to design a table on a budget .
So what is everybody doing this thanksgiving??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Friday Cookie Sale!! and Swap Partners

So i wanna give you a heads up Friday through Sunday ill be having a huge black friday sale on holiday cookies and special prices for my followers also all purchases made during the sale come with a free gift!!
I'll have a special post with all the details on friday so don't forget to check it out

Also everybody involved in The Secret Santa swap i have sent all the emails out with your partners info so check your spam if you don't see anything and if not email me and ill resend it and the winner of the giveaway involved is : Love me Knot Creations your gift will be sent out the same time as the swap so congrats!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Domestic Doll Apron Winner

Our winner of out Alicia Apron from Domestic Doll Aprons is..
Abigail(pretty name by the way)
I'll be sending you an email to get your mailing info congrats doll!
Thanks to everybody else who entered .
Also i have one slot left in our secret Santa swap so anybody who wants to enter email me at or leave comment and ill email you
Come on kittens this will be fun and there's a awesome prize basket for one lucky winner

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One more day to enter!

The Secret Santa Swap and giveaway
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up ill be assigning partners this weekend.
This is going to be really fun guys i hope you enter id love to see a few more entries for tomorrow!

Our new cupcake winner is!!

Carapace said...

"How about Texas Pecan Pie cupcakes? Pecans, brown sugar, vanilla and vanilla..mmm!:D"
So after going through all the posts with some helpers we decided on pecan pie cupcakes.
I'm pretty in love with pecans at the moment and the holidays coming up this will be perfect.
I'm going to get started on perfecting a recipe after this weekend and I'll be sending our winner a dozen of these to try and then ill be adding them to my flavor list and shop .
I'll announce the Official name when i finish them and also there are 2 runners up that will be receiving a gift certificate to use toward a custom order of their cupcake flavor and the runners up are :
Jen said...
How about Strawberries & Champagne. A champagne based cupcake with strawberry buttercream...topped with a fresh strawberry of course..or a fondant made one..

Amber said...
I would like to suggest some cupcakes called Dark and Pure. The cake would be made with dark chocolate, a really rich, almost bitter cake. Then the frosting would be chocolate ganache topped with roasted almonds and sea salt garnish.

Corinne said...
I'm hungry after reading all the cupcake ideas. My idea is to make a cupcake that tastes like tiramisu. Maybe the cake part is partially dipped in espresso and then a creamy really light frosting dusted with chocolate? You could call it a Cupamisucake. hehe... I Hope I win! I need a cupcake now!!!

I'll be sending you gift certificates via email today

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie of your life who would play you??

Question of the day!

In the movie of your life who would you get to play you ?
I would cast either Christina Ricci or Rose Mcgowan

Last Day for the Create your own cupcake contest

I'm going to leave one more day to enter the create your own cupcake contest so the deadline is 5 pm east coast time wed nov 18th .
I'll announce the winner tomorrow night !
There will be a special surprise for the winner aside from your cupcakes!

How to make love like a porn star(adult content)

Okay kittens today were going to talk about porn lol.
I think most woman have a perception about porn that its all dirty and raunchy and geared towards men but i have news for you ,In this day and age its not.
They even make lets call it erotic videos geared toward woman, Personally I'm not a fan of the ones geared toward woman but that's just me lol.
I feel like most woman despise and disgust porn but i think if you think like that you should at least give it a try its not all filth and you might even learn a thing or two to impress your husband or boyfriend. Maybe your looking for something to spice up your love life this may be the way to go.
I just wanna say i do try not to offend people through my blog but i also want me blog to reflect me and not hide anything I'm a very blunt person and frankly i don't care what most people think of me but i do value your opinion and love reading all your comments.
The reason for this post was i was watching Oprah today and she had on Jenna Jameson.
It was a really interesting episode also geared toward woman and trying to get them into more sexual things for themselves.
I've been watching porn since well since i was a little girl when my parents were out nothing dirty then just interested . My parents never sat me down and had the sex talk with me so everything i learned about sex was from watching these movies.
That's when i first saw Jenna i know this will sound weird but Jenna Jameson is one of my heroes. She went from a really screwed up life to completely changing the whole porn industry she said she wanted to the be the biggest porn star in the world and she did it.
She now owns her own cooperation including club Jenna she produces directs and has a line of toys and clothes to boot ,she did all of this by being smart shes not just a dumb slut like most people think she is.
She wrote a biography called how to make love like a porn star and i think every woman should read it ,i think you'll find yourself being able to relate to her in this book and maybe realize any woman whether your a house wife ,book worm or a fancy lady can be their own sexual being.
I actually think closer to Christmas I'm going to have a giveaway of this book so one of you can own a copy and read this book to.
Don't get me wrong there are allot of woman in porn and porn in general that are disgusting and raunchy but I'm just saying don't just a book by its cover !
(Sorry for such a long post lol)

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Very Etsy Christmas Part 1

Okay so here is my first part of my very etsy Christmas and handmade holidays shopping of the season. I'll be sharing all the gifts and shops i purchased them from this year so here's the first few Ive got so far.

Cherry tart bag i got for another secret Santa I'm in on swap-bot
Coffee Cozy part of my best friends presents
I got the cloud broach turned into a cloud pillow for one of my friends its an inside joke of ours i didn't get a chance to to take pics of it-
I got Mary Jane scented candles for a few of my friends
A cute little skirt of my friends
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