1st Comment Wins! Cookies

Okay so i just finished my first set of Valentines Day Cookies the first person to leave a comment will get 11 regular sized cookies 1 jumbo and 10 mini cookies for only $18 + ($8 shipping for us).

The next 2 comments get a dozen cookies for $14 plus shipping that saves $10 off the regular price.

I do ship internationally i will adjust the price to where you live.

Leave a comment with your paypal email and the 2nd 2 comments get to pick the colors and shapes they want .


  1. Uhm, so did I really get to be the first commenter???? ^_^ I hope so, because that would be amazing!

  2. Oh congrats!! I was to busy blogging to read the blogs I follow...that will teach me huh!! Cookies look amazing!

  3. well SHIT!! :)

    Can I get a prize for second comment? Like-a title?! I'm thinking Ms. Super Awesome Magical Fabulous!

  4. Those are soo adorable! love them!!


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